Spanish “Golf Valley” - Nueva Andalucia

New Andalusia - one of the most beautiful regions of Marbella, filled with greenery, fashionable and stylish design which created the famous José Banus. Here reigns true Andalusian spirit, attractive and alluring. Every year, the city attracts many tourists who want to see the cozy streets of the city, stroll through nature reserves and enjoy stunning scenery. All private houses, luxury villas, built and decorated in a certain style, which is most characteristic of the southern coast, and the recently built large housing complexes very attractively complement the unique look of the area.

Here, residents and travelers everywhere observe typical Andalusian architecture - exotic, laconic and extremely simple, but not losing its Moroccan influence, while being filled with European themes. Even the color scheme here is special - mostly white facades, combined with warm tones and yellow ocher.

Spanish Golf Valley - Nueva Andalucia

Why the city is considered a golf valley

New Andalusia is a paradise for golf lovers. This sport is gaining more and more popularity, especially for residents and guests of the Costa del Sol. He is calm, does not require much effort, but develops dexterity and attentiveness. On the territory of this region there are many best golf clubs in Spain near residential complexes, where you can enjoy the game at any convenient time. Even at night, visitors will be offered a cozy table and a couple of glasses of wine, or cups of coffee, for a pleasant evening with friends. In such institutions, the Spaniards decided to hold business meetings with partners, or arrange family lunches on Sundays.

New Andalusia is an elite area where neighbors are often wealthy individuals, sometimes even members of the government. It is not surprising that after just one visit to this city, many tourists want to stay here for permanent residence. Fortunately, a considerable number of the most modern buildings, huge villas and mansions, built in really beautiful architectural styles, have been erected in this area. There is also a highly developed infrastructure, located:

  • Upscale beauty salons;
  • Gyms and fitness clubs;
  • Restaurants, cafes and other catering establishments that serve dishes of cuisines of different nationalities;
  • Casinos on the coast;
  • Commercial shopping center with many boutiques, shops and souvenir shops;
  • Gallery of contemporary art and art museums;
  • The best golf courses;
  • Convenient parking spaces;
  • Favorite Spanish entertainment - bullfighting, where matadors fight for victory with powerful bulls;
  • A variety of entertainment events and holidays.

The city provides the best education for locals and visitors from other countries. In numerous schools, classes are conducted in several languages ​​that are most convenient for foreign participants, who then transfer to an international college as students. For young residents, the courtyards are equipped with playgrounds with the best entertainment, where they maintain perfect cleanliness. And an ideal place for family walks is the local natural park and the lake Las Tortugas, where sea turtles and some species of waterfowl live. And very close - housing complexes, with apartments of a large area and with a convenient layout. 24-hour security is provided on their territory and video surveillance is conducted, which means complete security is guaranteed.

Spanish Golf Valley - Nueva Andalucia

New Andalusia is a quiet, calm and cozy area, which is just a few minutes drive from the famous port of Puerto Banus. The local administration has done serious work on improving the area, so now everything necessary for comfortable living has been created here. He was especially fond of the citizens of England and Scandinavia, the families of the best footballers live in the neighborhood, businessmen come to develop their business. Therefore, you should not worry about the constant noise and loud music, people here most of all appreciate a calm atmosphere and rest. Especially considering that the favorite occupation of the majority of citizens is golf, for which excellent conditions have been created.