Spain in June: rest and weather

The beginning of summer marks the beginning of periods of mass vacations. But first you need to decide the question of where to go to rest in this period. Warm sea, clean beaches, interesting excursions - Spain, located on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea, can satisfy these and other desires. What area to go to? And what events to visit? It depends on preferred weather conditions.

Spain in June: rest and weather

The first summer month will delight tourists in almost all corners. A clear cloudless sky and minimal rainfall (even in the most rainy areas) will create a pleasant mood for you during your rest.

Naturally, in different regions its own atmosphere , because the country is very diverse.

If you are going to visit the capital, June is an excellent choice. Madrid, as well as its surroundings , will meet 26-28C daytime tourists, so T-shirts and shorts are required, but bring warm clothes with you, because evening walks will remind us more of our early spring (13-15C). Also there is a high probability of rain. Take care of items of protection.

Northern areas (Galicia, Aragon, and others ) also warm up during the day (up to twenty degrees), but at night the temperature can drop to eleven. The weather in the whole north is approximately the same (+/- a couple of degrees Celsius): in Catalonia , in Asturias , and other areas.

Southern corners for those who seek to enjoy not only walks, excursions, but also the long-awaited beach holiday. The weather here can not be called warm, the definition is more suitable - hot, and in some places - hot. Without which you should not be here, so it is without sun-assistants: cream and glasses.

Spain in June: rest and weather

The record for high daytime performance is Seville , which boasts lunchtime 31-33С. After sunset, affectionate 18-20C contribute to a pleasant walk to the sound of the surf, a glass of Italian wine on the beach and a similar pastime.

It is similar to the parameters (the difference just a couple of degrees) Costa - Costa del -hydrochloric and -Blanco. The length of the day is the longest at the southernmost region of the entire Mediterranean coast - Costa del Almeria . Despite the location, sweltering heat is not here.

For those who also want to go home with a chocolate tan, but not very well tolerate the scorching sun, it is better to choose the island, because the sea breeze is the best way to refresh the air.Tenerife, Gran Canaria extremely rarely cross the border in 27C. In the evening, it will be comfortable to wrap up a blanket, or to throw on a light jacket (18-19C). Rain in June will not see. On the island of youth - Ibiza - the weather conditions are the same, but on Minorca , as in other times of the year, a little cooler.

The Spanish summer is 'blooming' and 'smelling.' There is no better time to visit the Kingdom. Grape plantations, which stretch for many kilometers, surprise and admire. They fascinate with their flowering and aroma.

What holiday to choose?

June in Spain is a special time. On the streets there are travelers from all over the world. Each of them strives to plunge into the history of the country, to feel its passionate atmosphere, to enjoy the beauty. Whichever city you choose, you will be able to hear the multilingual speech merging into a muffled hum. But the fuss is not here, because everyone strolls carelessly, moving towards adventure.

Spain in June: rest and weather

In connection with a considerable agiotage, it is worth noting that it is advisable to select housing in advance, so as not to waste precious vacation time on his hectic quest. You can do this at home by viewing the offers on our website.

When choosing a venue for a weekend or a good rest, you must proceed from the desired entertainment. Someone wants to enjoy the luxury of beaches with white sand, others are addicted to relics and sights, some aim to run on the most fashionable boutiques, and there are those who are not limited to only one occupation, and want to do absolutely everything.

In any case, everyone will be impressed by the soul. It is worth getting acquainted with the current offers.

  1. Spanish beaches.

In summer, this is the most popular pastime. The beach season is open, which means that almost all coastal cities are waiting for tourists in their open spaces. Barcelona , Costa -Brava , staying up to this moment in a quiet mode , join the southern hot places where they have been sunbathing and swimming for a month . But note that in the last of them the water is quite fresh in the first half of the month (18C). Barcelona shores will delight more comfortable 20-21C.

Spain in June: rest and weather

With the increase in the number of visitors, the number of establishments that are necessary for resort places (cafes, snack bars, bars, restaurants, and others) is growing; the hotels are overhauled, the territory is filled with private merchants. In other words, everything revives.

As mentioned above, people with intolerance to standing heat should stop at Tenerife. Stable winds here will not let you feel the burning rays. But note that in the northern part of the island it is noticeably humid and occasionally overcast.

  1. Excursion program.

Tired of the monotonous stay on the sunny shores? Organize a trip to interesting places. Madrid, Sitges and many more settlements have entertaining entertainment in their arsenal. You can see the incredible combination of modern restaurants, brand shops with ancient fortresses, ancient palaces, mysterious paved squares.

Ecotourism is widespread all over the world now, Spain is no exception. You will be offered paragliding, horse riding, cycling, cycling, walks in the mountains, on the tops of which you can watch spectacular views, or vice versa walks underground.

Spain in June: rest and weather

With children recommended to visit the reserve Sierra Nevada. The climate in it is very mild, so there is no probability of getting heatstroke. In addition, a huge variety of water parks and various entertainment centers will entice kids of any age for a whole day. Examples include Port Aventura , which is located in the Costa Dorada , an inverted house “Kathmandu”, which welcomes guests in Majorca, as well as a large zoo, located in Barcelona.

Be sure to try the local cuisine. And each region has its own main dish.

  1. Festive mood.

The traditional June holidays are the International Day of Music , which falls on June 21, and also not a widespread event - St. Juan's Day , which is celebrated in some localities on June 23. During the latter, the streets are decorated with huge papier-mâché dolls, next to which are placed tents and tables with wine, various sweets and snacks. To the music of the people dancing, laughing. After midnight, all the figures must be burned at the stake.

Spain in June: rest and weather

An enchanting Music Festival will take place in Granada , and La Orotava Catholics they celebrate the feast of the Body and Blood of Christ, during which mats of natural colors are placed on the streets . You can get unforgettable impressions at the wine battle taking place in Aro .

This is not all events that can be visited. Read the program specifically in the region where you are going.

June is a good month for a holiday in Spain. Prices are much lower than in the hotter season (July, August), and you get no less emotion.