How to open a business in Spain?

Own company in a European country, a promising and attractive idea. Recently, more and more of our compatriots are interested in information, how to open a profitable business in Spain?

In an effort to create a more comfortable life for themselves and their children, the opportunity to earn decently, eventually, to settle in a new place. Our people are going to explore new horizons. Based on years of experience, it can be concluded that there are prospects. If you are determined, you don’t need to be afraid of those examples and stories about failures. There is a goal - go to her.

In this article we will look at how to correctly prepare the base, take into account the important points to realize our plans.

How to open a business in Spain?

General conditions:

  • you have an idea about the direction of the company in which you are going to work;
  • conducted a study of what type is relevant in the area and how much income you can get;
  • having sufficient experience in the chosen field;
  • proficiency in Spanish;
  • studied legislation.

There is also a bureaucracy, as in the Russian Federation, the CIS. The signing of a mass of documents with the authorities, to take into account not very convenient tax policy for businessmen, such as, for example, in other European countries. Here the entrepreneur is obliged to pay a monthly minimum of 250 euros. Naturally, for beginners it is a rather big sum.

Forms of enterprises

  • Sociedad de Responsabilidad Limitada, S.R.L. /S.L. - the type of our 'LLC'. joint ownership.
  • Sociedad Civil - based on partnership.
  • Empresario Individual - private enterprise.
  • Anonima / S.A. - Joint-Stock Company.
  • Comanditaria - a limited liability partnership.
  • Laboral AO closed labor.
  • Company without limitation of property liability and other.

How to open a business in Spain?

Current and future activities:

Profitable everywhere - agriculture, of course, it requires a lot of investment and labor. There is a favorable mild climate, you can grow organic vegetables and fruits. Sell ​​them in local shops, shops or even the CIS market. Before this, you need to explore the area where there is a big need for one or another form of agricultural products, from here you draw for yourself the perspective of sales and sales.

Gambling on a large scale is a closed question for foreigners.

There is an opportunity to earn on slot machines in tourist places, in clubs, cafes and so on. Try yourself in an actively developing segment, because there is nothing not possible.


To open any kind of institution, restaurant, cafe, bar, it is better to choose a tourist area, for example, the sea coast. Here you will encounter a lot of competition, because to be an original, important piece. Offer something that has not yet been, or more delicious and original.

There are several options for implementing this idea: ready-made point of supply, start independently, or become a partner of a franchise, which is at the development stage.

As elsewhere, the tax issue is one of the most important. Examine taxation, estimate how much this venture will cost you. If you correctly approach the development and analysis, you can make a profit in a short time and be popular, in demand in any niche.

Good money can be earned on real estate. Buy an apartment, penthouse, bungalow with a luxurious view of the coast and lease it successfully. As practice shows, the flow of tourists from different parts of the world is only increasing. Buying property, you should trust only experienced professionals who already know the subtleties and nuances. Experts will tell you what is best suited for you, based on financial capabilities and requirements.

The scope of services - beauty salons, various dry cleaners, cleaning organizations and transportation.

Construction, trade, both large and small.

The main thing is to choose your direction and competently approach all tasks, then all initiatives will be beneficial.

How to open a business in Spain?

Preparatory stage.

  • choose the original name, which will correspond to the type of activity and is convenient to pronounce.
  • Check in.
  • Choosing the shape of your business.
  • Drafting the maximum accurate business plan.
  • Search finance.
  • Choosing the right room, office, store, warehouse, and more.
  • Registration of permits and licenses.

Business plan.

If you need sponsorship and infusion of funds, there is no need for a long time to describe the goal. It is better to pay attention to the material and practical side. When it is a Spanish investment, the drafting should be in their language. Local regional Chambers of Commerce and consultants will always come to the rescue.

How to open a business in Spain?


  • What is your future firm, what products will be manufactured, services and so on.
  • Which market segment is targeted, what is the exclusivity and profitability. All clearly described to the smallest detail, if it is a commodity, then how are you planning to sell.
  • Economic-financial component. Calculate what amount can be obtained, all possible expenses, the amount of share capital, in general, the whole scheme of cash flows and their distribution.
  • One of the main points is the starting capital. Specify where you use at the initial stage and after.
  • If it is a loan, think about where you will take guarantees for its provision, which you will leave as security.
  • Determine the owner, personnel structure, device and form. Who will be the manager, founder, that is, think over the main positions of the staff.
  • Your benefits. In other words, why you need to sponsor your idea.
  • Availability of contracts, advantageous location, access to the market, all this is a good help.

Registration for non-residents is similar, as for residents and citizens of the state. But there are additional points:

  • Obtain an alien identification code if you do not have a residence permit.
  • The Ministry of the Interior requests a number if it has a relationship with road, social management, social insurance for notaries, a commercial or property registry, and much more.
  • When buying a room, you need to notarize the company's charter, then provide this number.
  • Governor can only be a citizen or resident.

Registration for a non-resident is a normal procedure. Time will take from 2 to 4 weeks. The result is almost always positive.

How to open a business in Spain?

You will need to go through the following stages:

  • An agreement is entered into with an economic and legal manager - here the assessor, legal or natural person is called.
  • Provide three company names to verify uniqueness at the registering facility in Madrid. Wait for the decision need about 14 days.
  • Open an account. The minimum authorized capital of an LLC is about 3012 euros, while for a joint-stock company it is approximately 60101 euros. Keep in mind that the numbers are not accurate and may vary.
  • Constituent documents are prepared with all the information.
  • Verify documents in the presence of all participants who are involved in the design.
  • Pay a tax charge.
  • Send the charter for registration at the Spanish State Chamber of Commerce. Putting it in a single registration list - Registro Mercantil.
  • Also send to financial institutions, where you will be assigned a CIF - individual number.
  • May be sent to licensing government agencies.
  • Pay municipal fees.
  • Order printing, purchase official books of visitors and records.

How to open a business in Spain?

To do business and obtain a visa you will need the following:

  • Provide guarantees that the activity will generate sufficient income for your residence, minus all costs for the needs of the enterprise and taxes.
  • Prove to the consulate that you have professional qualifications.
  • To issue a permit business.

In each case, this is an individual set of documents, but you should not be frightened by this. Officials are quite loyal to the emigrant businessmen, they will not create obstacles. To open the so-called multi-entry visa, you must have at least 2 business visas.

The presence of real estate, will allow you to obtain a residence permit, and accordingly more rights. As a result, you will be able to obtain citizenship, which will provide ample opportunities for you and the future of your children.