How to learn spanish

One of the most popular in the world after English, colorful and passionate - Español. How to learn Spanish, if you are going to relocate, or just want to expand your knowledge.

Spanish or Castilian (Ibero-Romance group), distributed in Spain, as well as in the countries of North and South America. On any continent you can hear the sound of Español. Knowledge can be useful in traveling, as well as in the case of immigration. Anyone who decides to gain knowledge thinks about what method will be effective and productive.

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To get started, clearly define the goal. Expand the horizons, then choose a simplified program. And for immigration, more in-depth lessons and systematic training are needed. Intention to visit Mexico or another Spanish-speaking country is not enough. Set yourself up for training, for example, if you can surround yourself with the culture of this country.

For example, literature, television, hang phrases throughout the house. Read the story, watch movies, immerse yourself in the peculiarities of the mentality. With such a strong mindset, forward to exploring Espanyol.

How to learn spanish

So where to start? How and with whom?

At the beginning, everyone faces a dilemma - which way is best suited, where to start. There are several proven and familiar to all options, they will help in this interesting and difficult matter. Next, we look at traditional systems and choose what suits you best.

  • School or courses. In all major cities, there are a large number of institutions where you will gain knowledge. You will be able to choose the most convenient option that is suitable for the location and price for lessons. Pay attention to the method of teaching, do not hesitate to ask what you can offer. Chat with the teacher. If you have a very serious attitude, you can go to Spain and take a course at a local school. There you can create the right environment for yourself, make acquaintances, practice 24 hours a day, as well as have the qualified and professional help of a teacher of Espanyol.
  • Individual lessons. It is considered one of the effective methods to quickly learn a language. Classes with a teacher allow you to build a process that is suitable for you individually. According to your level and abilities. In the world of modern technology, a lesson can be learned not only in your city, but also by video tutorials, via Skype, votsap and more.
  • Independently. This method requires serious discipline, perseverance and determination. On the Internet you will find an infinite number of courses, literature and materials for self-study. You will have to make an effort to make the classes effective, useful and fully systematized. All information should be as informative and useful as possible, not distract from the task.

If you have a really serious intention and goal - this technique will be quite enough to master the level of B2 or to achieve great success.

How to learn spanish


Create the right atmosphere, surround yourself with Spanish.

As mentioned earlier, put cards around the house with verbs, signs, the text should be capacious, easy to read. Get a board on which you can attach such teaching materials. They will be visible all the time, this is a training of visual memory. Audio perception can be obtained by watching movies, TV shows, TV shows and news.

Just do it regularly. Then you will hear the speech of the speakers all the time.

In a smartphone, install a radio or listen to music on Youtube. Translate all devices - computer, phone, tablet, pages in social networks into the target language. You will not be difficult to navigate, because intuitively know where some function.

Listen to the songs, translate them, hum, so the phrase 'settle' in the mind, and you will know not by word, but whole sentences. Start with simple children's songs, if you have a child, you combine study with the development of a baby. Perhaps he will speak to you faster in a foreign language.

How to learn spanish

Practice constantly

One of the problems is the absence of the interlocutor. Speaking is one of the important points. Start writing letters to friends or small essays. When you gain skills, you will write more stories.

Register on a specialized website where you enter your data, and find people to create a dialogue. You will not only practice, but also meet interesting people, learn their culture and mentality.

Buy a book or download it online and read at least a few pages a day.

If you watch movies, choose with subtitles, and when results are achieved in training, look without prompts in the original translation.
Gradually Espanyol will become part of your life and systematized in your head.

For free people who are not married, it will be good to make acquaintances, to find a Spanish-speaking partner. They say this method is the most effective. You will have an incentive and a desire to please and surprise your partner with the progress in training.

Regularly visit learning sites, applications for learning and repetition. It does not take much time, and the practice will not be superfluous.

How to learn spanish

Repetition of the material covered

Before you go to the new information, try to repeat and remember everything that was passed earlier.

In order to memorize better and faster, practice wherever possible - pronounce phrases, sing songs. Hone pronunciation. Of course, it takes time, but believe me, it's worth it.

For example, studying words or phrases, try to make with them whole sentences or text. For each come up with several derivatives. The main thing is not to rush, do not fuss and drive away laziness. Proceed to the new, only after fixing the passed information.

The learning system consists of several stages:

  • The basis of everything is the alphabet. Register each letter with transcription. Say it, fine, if you list examples with words. It is not difficult letters are similar to English, only in some there are small differences.
  • Basic set of commonly used verbs. Nouns that are mostly used in speech. To do this, get a dictionary and phrase book. There you will find the correct pronunciation, gender, conjugation, declination, and more.
  • At this stage the most difficult and interesting begins - drawing up simple sentences. You can already begin to explain and formulate the idea. At this stage, you will already understand the meaning of the text heard in the film or song. Gradually translate texts.

How to learn spanish

They say that in order to maintain conversation and understanding, it is enough to have 800-900 words in the vocabulary. It is possible to support the conversation, to discuss any topic.

More in-depth study, requires special literature and other teaching materials. There can not do without a teacher. He will guide you and make adjustments.

Everything is not as difficult as it may seem, the main thing be disciplined, make a clear plan and follow it. Try to practice and do not allow connivance and laziness.

Do not be afraid to make mistakes, do not hesitate - this is part of a big way to success. It is said that the more mistakes, the faster and more correct the memorization. Agree, it is better to say wrong than not to say anything at all.

How to learn spanish

If you are learning Spanish for fun, then it can be done endlessly. Every day, sharpen knowledge and add new words.

Entry level is enough for travel, you can easily explain with the seller, the waiter and just with people on the street. You can make pleasant and useful acquaintances, even friends. After all, the language barrier will cease to be a hindrance in communication and communication.

To polish knowledge is better in a country where everyone speaks this language. Going to Spain, take care not only of the dictionary, but also of housing. Contact a reputable company that will provide for renting an excellent apartment or cottage. You do not need to worry about anything, experienced professionals will select the necessary apartments. You will not be distracted by such everyday moments. There will be a desire to acquire real estate on the beach - this is also not a problem. Employees of the company will arrange a tour, and you will choose the best accommodation conditions.