How to find a job in Spain

After traveling to a bright and warm country, you thought about moving, decided to settle in the Pyrenees. A logical question arises - how to find work in Spain? A favorable and mild climate, excellent infrastructure, friendly people make life here more comfortable, in comparison with the whole of Europe.

If you plan not to stay long, you can find seasonal employment. But in any case, it will be necessary to issue a permit for activity. It’s not so difficult to get it.

What is required for this:

  • A potential employer should contact the Immigration Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs or the Department of Labor.
  • Submit a statement of desire to accept you for a vacant position and extradition to carry out labor activities.
  • Such a statement is regarded as a letter from the sponsor.
  • A package of documents is submitted on your behalf - diplomas, photographs of a certain format, a work book.

Note that all documents received in the Russian Federation must be translated into Spanish and signed by the apostille.

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A positive outcome depends on the following points:

  • Sufficient work experience, education, qualifications for a vacant position.
  • Family or business contacts with the country.
  • Period of stay in the state no more than 90 days.
  • You are not going to volunteer.

Finding a job or a suitable job for your profile is not so difficult. Especially when it comes to seasonal work in the summer. It is quite another matter if you plan to leave to work in your specialty for a long time.

You may have received an offer from an international company where you are accepted as a manager, expert or consultant in the Russian-Spanish sales area, etc.

Let's look at cases of job search on the Internet in order to conclude a contract with the employer.

There is one condition, on the basis of the European Labor Code, your CV-resume will be considered only after they prove that the Spaniards do not need the position, there are no interested countries from the European Union either.

You need to be prepared for the fact that your request will not be answered immediately.

Saturation of labor market by immigrants introduces some difficulties.

Here, as elsewhere, there are government employment services. These include:

  • National Employment Center INEM;
  • You can also contact the consulate, perhaps they will have a vacant seat not only within the diplomatic mission, but also in the country.

If you have previously agreed with the employer, the consulate issues a B-primary visa.

And after the contract is concluded with you, it will be canceled and replaced with another C.

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Let's talk about seasonal work, it’s not necessarily done in the summer. It all depends on the focus.

  • Service sector - shop, bar, restaurant, hotel.
  • Construction industry - repairs, construction of buildings and more.
  • Harvesting in gardens and farms.
  • Couriers, movers out of season, they are always needed.

Comparing other states, it can be noted that here the choice of work is much wider, but the language requirements are more serious. To get a well-paid job, you need to be fluent in English and a high level of Spanish. For this type of employment, the consulate gives permission A. The summer period of 2019 is already over, so you have enough time to look for a place for the next season.

Where to look:

  • Social networks: Facebook has enough groups with a similar focus and suggestions.
  • Meet compatriots who have settled down in the Kingdom and can give you useful information.
  • Try accessing the exchange website.
  • Submit a resume if you find suitable options.

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Own business

This is another type of visa trabajo - D and E.

Terms :

  • Check-outs checked.
  • Enter the country as a tourist or guest.
  • Registration of a company, a private company themselves or through the legal office of an intermediary.
  • Settle all issues, solve problems for your new company.
  • Be sure to hire local residents to work, not only Ukrainians, Russians, Belarusians.
  • Register your individual company or other form of ownership in the Spanish tax.
  • Re-entry into the country should be carried out on the visa of the entrepreneur, and not as an individual.
  • Income should cover all expenses of the company and the maintenance of your family.

This option allows you to really apply for a residence permit, since the state considers you as a person who invests in the economy. The main thing is complete transparency in activities.

Social Security and Protection

All categories - attendants, subordinates, managers, top managers, fall under social guarantees. And this:

  • Agreement.
  • Graph.
  • Terms.
  • Insurance.

The Social Insurance Fund is committed to providing a decent life in any situation.

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Where do you get a work visa

At the consulate at the place of residence. The minimum stay is 91 days. It can be extended if necessary for 5 years.

After this period, you can apply for a residence permit.

What you need to apply for a visa trabajo.

  • Biometric passport.
  • 3 color photographs that meet the requirements of the Schengen area.
  • Application form.
  • Consular fee receipt.
  • Housing.
  • A copy of the residence or work permit will be sent to you by the employer.
  • Confirmation of financial solvency.
  • Certificate of no criminal record, with apostille and translation.
  • Medical insurance for a trip of up to 1 year.
  • Health certificate.

Note that this is not comprehensive information. If you really set a goal - monitor this question regularly, make the necessary connections.

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