With the onset of autumn cold, I so want to return to the summer. Bright sun, sea, delicious sangria in restaurants with delicious paella. The warm welcome of local residents, a high level of service, attract thousands of tourists to plunge into the holiday of life. A luxurious vacation in Spain, especially in September - is this not a dream! If you plan to go on a trip to a colorful, hospitable country, let's consider how to have a better time.

The atmosphere of the Iberian Peninsula has always fascinated travelers with flamenco rhythms, exciting bullfights and delicious cuisine.



September is a soft and comfortable month for excursions, sightseeing. This applies to the weather, a smaller influx of tourists and there is no problem finding a place on the coast. There is an interest in visiting museums and unhurried walks along the streets of small towns, because it’s not so hot, sometimes it rains, which does not cause discomfort. Just the time to enjoy your vacation and gain positive emotions.

Beach vacation

Given that the school year in Spanish schools begins in the middle of the month, in the first decade you can still meet families with children. But by the 15th, they are already leaving and there are not so many people. And then the velvet season begins. It offers the coasts of the Mediterranean and Atlantic. If you want to swim in the warm sea or decide to bring your children with you, then go to:

  • Valencia;
  • Benidorm;
  • Marbella;
  • Alicante;
  • Salou or Costa del Almeria. Here the water is 23-24 with a plus sign. Note that the beaches are clean everywhere, with developed infrastructure.

The ocean is suitable for those who like cool bathing. The temperature in Cadiz, Tenerife is from +19 to +20 degrees. The best time for avid windsurfers is that the winds intensify, the waves increase, all the conditions for the conquest of the elements are created.

Depending on the training of athletes, the place of this sport is chosen. The Canary Islands, and especially Lanzarote, the northwestern part of the mainland, are popular. Those who are going to ride a jet ski, a catamaran or parachute, and parasailing, you need to know in advance the weather forecast - about probable rains and cloudy days during this period.



Unbearable heat is passing and there is a noticeable revival for active pastime, visiting popular places.

  • Madrid. Sagrada de Surname. The object is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. Stunning beauty and scale of the structure causes different emotions for visitors. It resembles a church, but upon examination you understand that this is a grandiose man-made building. Sagrada de Surname is the work of the famous talented architect Antonio Gaudi. Now the construction is carried out thanks to donations. Fantastic bell, molding of stained-glass windows and columns are real works of art.
  • Barcelona. Park Guell. Another creation of Gaudi, famous throughout the world for its unusualness. The city garden includes park areas with incredible fantastic sculptures. It seems that you are on another planet. Gingerbread houses, benches, stairs with painted animals, all decorated with colorful mosaics.
  • Benalmadena. Colomares Castle. In a small town there is a legend carved in stone and reminiscent of the discovery of America. It was built in 1994, symbolic of the 500th anniversary of an important event. Here, a prototype ship of Christopher Columbus and other ships that accompanied him during the discovery of new lands protruded from the wall. The architecture is made in the style of futurism and symbolizes the great events that played a significant role in history.
  • Cordoba. Alcazar of Kings. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, as here you will see a mixture of styles and eras. Luxurious gardens, impregnable, powerful citadels. It is the second most important residence of the monarchs after the Seville. Many parts have been restored, but this does not overshadow the old, ancient beauty. The Lion Tower, towering on the main facade, has not lost its pristine appearance. The tallest building of the 15th century Inquisition tower. During the restoration, the Pigeon Tower was added.


Moorish influences in style can be seen everywhere. Gothic elements - a symbol of the victory of Christianity over Islam. Inside, you will find priceless collections of antique objects: furniture, tapestries, carpets, paintings. It often hosts celebrations, various exhibitions, presentations. The magnificent gardens are a real work of art that spans over 50 thousand square meters.

  • La Rioja region. Connoisseurs of delicious wines should definitely visit the sunny area in the north. It is famous for the production of drinks of the gods, which, thanks to the microclimate and the unique composition of the soil, have a characteristic taste. Taste a variety of wines, taste the gastronomy of the area. Here are modern, traditional, as well as large wineries. You can get acquainted with the intricacies and production technology on one of the excursions. Look into a restaurant, relax in a spa, go to the fortress "Laguardia", a museum with an exhibition of interesting objects on the subject of wine production and culture.
  • Ibiza island. A popular resort on the Balearic archipelago, where music is played for 24 hours. Party people from all over the world strive to come here to the famous foam parties, dance until dawn. Here you can easily meet a celebrity of show business in one of the institutions. Most of the vacationers are young people, so if you want unbridled fun and nightly entertainment, you are here. The city has excellent infrastructure with shops, hotels, nightlife and beaches. The friendly atmosphere captivates even the most sophisticated tourist. A separate topic is natural beauty and climate. In autumn, it is especially comfortable.
  • Marbella - the famous coastal city of the Costa del Sol, is considered Spanish Las Vegas. Here are concentrated nightclubs, entertainment venues for every taste, as well as casinos. Clean beaches with the Blue Flag mark, modern skyscrapers, comfortable modern hotels.


The southern town, which attracts travelers with its historical heritage, a variety of parks and locations for a relaxing pastime.

  • Almeda. The best park area, a great place for walking. Talented street musicians often give concerts here. To listen to music in the shade of trees, among exotic and tropical plants., This creates a special aura.
  • Museum of contemporary engraving. Museo del Grabado Español Contemporáneo. A unique collection of works by great artists - Goya, Muntadas, Dali, Picasso and other famous masters.
  • Town Hall - a beautiful monument in the Renaissance style, the building of which was rebuilt for 4 years. From 1568 to 1572 It is effectively decorated with an unusual sundial. Inside are two halls - meetings and justice. The first vault is made in the style of Mujahir, which recalls the presence in the past of Moorish culture. The second is a repository of ancient, unique frescoes with biblical themes.
  • Puerto Banus. Not far from Marbella is an elite marina for expensive yachts. Here, billionaires from around the world, show business stars who have acquired chic villas, love to relax. If you have the opportunity, you can book a boat trip. Regardless of material wealth, be sure to visit here, have a cup of coffee in one of the fashionable restaurants on the beach.
  • Seville. Visit the Cathedral, which was built in the 15th century. Before this, the Moors began construction in the 12th century. At first it was a mosque, before the earthquake occurred, after the destruction, some of the fragments remained. A religious building was erected here, which is recommended for visiting. The largest Catholic Gothic cathedral in the world. Here you will see the masterpieces of painting of the 16th century, as well as the burial place of Christopher Columbus, royal monarchs of Castile. At any time of the year, shows of the famous traditional Flamenco dance are held. They are held in special institutions - Casa de la Memoria and Casa de la Guitarra, tickets are best purchased in advance.
  • Santa Cruz district - the former Jewish quarter, with souvenir shops and cafes. Murillo Gardens is an excellent relaxation from everyday life, in the shade of alleys, surrounded by fountains.


Of course, this is not the whole list of places that can be visited in the autumn period. To see the whole diversity of Spanish culture, historical heritage, feel the spirit of the country, it is better to take care of all the details of the trip in advance. Make a wish list, where to go, what to try, and most importantly, where to stay. You can rent a house from a trusted company that also sells real estate. It is the purchase of your own home that will relieve you of worries where to settle down, so that it is comfortable and profitable. Experienced specialists in this field will help with the choice - it can be a studio on the beach, apartments near golf courses, a penthouse or a house with a pool.

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