Golf Tourism 2018 in Costa del Sol

For many Spaniards, golf is not just one of sports. This is a real outlet, a way to relax and rest with benefit. This incredibly popular and attractive dignity of the whole of Andalusia, which from year to year attracts locals and tourists. They come here to live not only because of comfortable housing, but also to the developed infrastructure and a huge variety of golf clubs, most of which are located in the province of Malaga. And the best of them is in the territory of Marbella and its immediate vicinity.

According to the data of the last year, the Golf Federation has increased the number of participants by 10%, which clearly indicates the growing popularity of this occupation on the Costa del Sol.

Golf in Europe

The World Federation compiled a rating of European players led by Germany and the United Kingdom. They are followed by France and the Scandinavian countries, which are of great importance for the support and development of this sport.

Golf Tourism 2018 in Costa del Sol

Exactly the same as increasing interest in the golf segment, the number of tourists who want to play in a quiet environment increases, their number has exceeded five hundred thousand. As a consequence, the demand for real estate located near the golf courses has grown significantly over the past few months. That is, housing near the golf courses is in demand.

The most favorable conditions are created on the fields - fresh air, natural environment, green plantations, vegetation and shrubs create their own small microclimate, characteristic for this area. Thus, this place remains cozy throughout the year. In summer, it is tolerated softer, because excess moisture caused by heat quickly evaporates. In the winter, the golfer feels warmer, because the grassy lawns, which are very wide here, retain their warmth. Among other things, the whole world golf courses are known as an environment that respects the surrounding nature. The golfer is given the opportunity to break away from the calculation of the trajectory of the fall of the ball for a short time, to admire the beautiful landscape that opens up, as well as to watch the representatives of the animal world passing by.

Golf Tourism 2018 in Costa del Sol

Sports match or lifestyle

For golf fans, beginners and avid players, settling down next to the field means getting several positive opportunities at once:

  • For starters, it is an opportunity to lead a healthy lifestyle close to specialized clubs that not only practice golf, but also provide a chance to visit some wellness procedures in order to maintain the body in tone and the body in good physical shape;
  • Next to the fields, there are usually stunning catering establishments where you can refill energy and enjoy the dishes that are offered there;
  • All golf courses have clubs where various themed events take place. They are united by people from all walks of life, interesting interlocutors, friends, and, most importantly, like-minded people;
  • This is often an urbanized area, which is equipped with a high-quality security system. Quiet and peaceful place, just for living an ordinary family.

True fans of such a quiet sport appreciate the advantageous location of golf courses. The coast of the Costa del Sol and the resort town of Marbella create all the necessary conditions for this, even exceeding the expectations of tourists. Real estate in these places is becoming more and more popular because of golf tourism. Houses near the clubs have increased comfort, are provided with a high-quality security system and open from the windows a stunning panoramic view.