Where do Russians live in Spain

We decided to spy with a glimpse why the citizens of the post-Soviet space like so much to leave for permanent residence in Spain. We consider below the climate, salary, cost of the food basket, preferential charges and the most favorable provinces, and also compare the difference in cultural differences and characters.

Sometimes, when faced with the phenomenon of emigration of the inhabitants of the “post-Soviet” space and communicating with people who have chosen to live abroad, one cannot help but note the fact that not everyone is as happy as it seems from the outside. Some are not satisfied with the conditions, others have a climate, and some will not get used to the mentality of the “local”, and the fourth are deeply offended by the dismissive attitude towards the “guests”. Many families return to their homeland. But among those who are dissatisfied, you will hardly find anyone who has gotten to permanent residence in distant and hot Spain. It would seem that the exact opposite, so the justified question arises - “why?”. What conquers our fellow tribesmen so much, if not excessive wealth?

Where do Russians live in Spain

Let's understand

Briefly about the country of flamenco and fighting with the bulls

She stretched almost the entire Iberian Peninsula. It also includes groups of islands in the Atlantic and the Mediterranean. The regime of government in Great Britain is a constitutional monarchy (the monarch plays a representative role). It is one of the members of the European Union and participates in the Schengen agreements. Education, security, longevity, and other required indicators brought the Development Index to 26th place, which is quite good. HDI Russia, for comparison - at 49.


Every nation has its own mentality, cultural characteristics and habits, instilled by history, genetics and other factors. The Spaniards are dominated by the following features:

  • Labor for the sake of praise and the common good is not about them. They do not spend their forces “for the idea” and do not like activity for the sake of the “abstract”. The only thing that will interest them is that which is important personally.
  • Independence and love of freedom.Any external pressure causes an explosion. They do not tolerate a public assessment and convention. You will be surprised how important the reputation and our “what people say” to them is not important.
  • Positive and benevolence.Any Spaniard will come to the rescue if you have any problems. What is required of you is to tell about difficulties (as it is not accepted to climb into the soul). Positive attitude to what is happening in these people is very infectious.
  • Self-esteem.You will notice immediately, as it is seen in speech, behavior and actions.
  • Emotions rule in all spheres of life. The fact that the nation has achieved success in the creative environment is connected with this, but with the scientific and production environment, the situation is more problematic .
  • Responsive attitude to duties.They look wary at work on account of points 5 and 4, since labor service is not compatible with dignity.
  • The secondary nature of wealth.Absolute simplicity in everyday life.
  • Not the best trait associated with the fact that when they are not interested in anything, they do not recognize their obligations on this issue.
  • Oddly enough - conservatism.With mobility and emotional wealth, it is unrealistic to force the Spanish family to change their habitual way, even if they are uncomfortable, cramped, ill, they will do what they are used to.
  • Despite point 1, every resident is a patriot.Mostly it concerns the region where he lives. This is not one single nation, as in some areas recognized autonomy.
  • If you vow to promise something, give a tooth and commit to perform 100%, but the ' manian ', then do not even wait.
  • This is another tradition that you don’t get used to right away. From one to four even shops and restaurants are not working. But then they return after a rest and continue to “carry on service” until 21:00, they get into things with something at dinner by eleven in the evening, and disperse after midnight.

After reading it becomes obvious that we and they - this is the difference in the abyss. But a closer contact razbezhnosti in mentalities absolutely do not cause a feeling of total discomfort.

Where do Russians live in Spain


Today, the country is struggling with the effects of the crisis, so the situation is not perfect. The number of low-income royal subjects of the kingdom has increased from 4 to 22% over the past few years, and the average income has fallen by 5%. Today it is 10,700 € per year. Only 48 percent have their own housing, and another 35 pay the mortgage. 40% of old people do not have any savings.The services of rental housing use another 10%.

Where do Russians live in Spain

What's what

So why, then, residents, receiving no more than 1000 per month, boast a high level? Very simple, it's about pricing. In supermarkets, they are cheaper and more affordable than even in some large cities of the Russian Federation.

A full delicious lunch in the cafe will cost 5-6 Euros, and in a decent institution from 10 to 1 person. If you cook at home, then no more than € 150 will be required for food products per month.Household appliances, clothing and footwear, office equipment, as well as excisable goods (alcohol and cigarettes) are much more profitable to buy than in the Western and Northern parts of Europe.Rent a room starts from 140 Euro.

Quality local wine bottling can be found at the cost of packing juice.

Gasoline is so profitable that the neighbors from France go here to fill a full tank.

Interesting to know: a full weekly basket for a family with food, chemicals and small things will cost 90 €.

The main thing you need to understand is that the main thing for them is not material values, but the freedom to enjoy: from meeting with friends over a glass of wine, supporting a favorite football team at the stadium, traveling and festivals.

Where do Russians live in Spain


According to unofficial data, the number of officially living people from the Russian Federation, Belarus and Ukraine is 156,000 people. Experts suggest that the number of illegal immigrants almost doubles this figure, which means we are dealing with a huge diaspora.

In Spain, the moment of time is inhabited by a curious historical cell of Russian-speaking, then born Spaniards, who in the thirties fled to the Soviet Union from Franco's harsh dictatorship, but returned after the death of the general and the end of the war in the seventies.

We settled mainly in the coastal zone from northern Barcelona along the east coast to Aragon. Most popular are major cities such as Malaga, Marbella , Costa Brava, Alicante , Murcia and Valencia. In contrast to the United States, for example, Russians are dispersed, so there is no such thing as a “pure Russian quarter”. But there are enough cultural centers, communities and social movements, as well as “our” stores, where you can not only buy peculiar and native products, but also socialize, and also find work, housing and support.

Where do Russians live in Spain

How to find a job

This issue concerns labor migration more than others. Especially now, in the post-crisis space, when the ways of illegal employment are very harshly stopped by the authorities so that the unofficial arriving labor force does not take places from the indigenous population. The fines for this now exceed several thousand.

Having received the precious “right”, it’s time to look for a job. It is good if it is a business of its own, and if not, it will be hired . The following spheres are open for our compatriots:

  1. Seasonal employment. In the majority - agricultural business and resort vis. Constantly there are vacancies for waiters, guides, handymen, cooks, maids, and so on.
  2. Stable need for handyman staff and secondary special skills.
  3. Mechanical engineering and other industries, IT - only if you are a very good specialist, because you will take “yours” according to the principle of superiority.

Knowledge of English will increase your chances only for a position in a company with foreign investments, but Spanish in the arsenal is an exact guarantee, and sometimes an obligatory condition from the employer.

After signing the contract, you can count on free medical care and benefits. After leaving another 4 months, you will receive 75 percent of the rate.

The daily work schedule will be extremely unusual for a beginner. We have already mentioned siesta. So, people are trying to intensively “plow” before, then go on a break, and after it they are working on the allotted time. After a long rest, it is extremely naive to demand high productivity from any worker, therefore some state. institutions are generally open only to siesta.

At the same time, the average annual working time in the country exceeds the figures of Britain and is just a little inferior to America - it is not clear, but true.


Pension security is on average about 800 Euros, and the minimum is 400. Rest comes at the age of sixty-five years. In order to receive money, you should make contributions to a special insurance fund for fifteen years and the amount will be calculated precisely from the amount of the savings made. If your lifetime work was carried out in the territory of the Russian Federation and Spain, your agreement will be summed up according to the agreement between the states.

It is not accepted during this period to sit in front of the TV. Grandparents travel, rest in sanatoriums and sunbathe at resorts.

Where do Russians live in Spain

Where do Russians live in Spain

It is impossible to answer precisely this most interesting question, because it depends on the expectations of a single person. If initially the desire for a measured calm life was laid, then it will clearly not be resorts. Those who are with children, on the contrary, choose the coast and its pleasant health climate.

It also affects the type of activity (student, businessman, qualified specialist in search of a place, etc. ).

Not the last is the economic component. Simply put - the budget. If it is small, then you will not pull the same Marbella .


It is the multinational capital of Catalonia and one of the largest cities on the shores of the Mediterranean with a population of more than 1,500,000 million.

She has everything for a comfortable existence - a traffic intersection, an airport, a train station, beaches, supermarkets, and also, not least, our consulate. But along with this a huge level of African illegal immigrants, a high crime rate and millions of tourists. Prices for renting or buying a home are high. She was chosen as her home more because of her career, business or study.

Where do Russians live in Spain


And the rest of the coastal towns of Costa Dorada is located very close to Barcelona, but life is completely different. There is only one similarity - there and there is a sea of people and noise. The city is focused on holidaymakers, including prices (but certainly cheaper than in the capital). But in Tarragona there is a large port, which often requires 'labor'. The pace of what is happening is cyclical and very dependent on the season. The eye pleases the footboard of the Pyrenean mountains and the beautiful green nature, which is not burned out by the sun, as in other provinces.


The third largest administrative center with a population of about a million. It is a large business metropolis where industry and commerce flourish. Another eight or ten years ago it was impossible to find immigrants from Russia, but recently their number has grown faster than in other locations.

The reason is the universality of Valencia. There is what you need: earnings, recreation, silence and loud festivities, sights with a long history and modern infrastructure, a zoo and other entertainment for children, and prices just do not “bite”, unlike Madrid or Barca.

Where do Russians live in Spain


If you ask around on the Internet, where the most affordable housing is “your own”, then most of the members of the forum will send you straight to Alicante and the small towns of Costa Blanca . The climate is hotter, there will not be such a riot of greenery, but this is conducive to the growth of some crops, on which the province specializes. Among the tribesmen, the apple has nowhere to fall because of its cheapness and a wide variety of seasonal employment.


This is another 'economy option.' But it is for lovers of silence. Here there are many Englishmen of old age and, probably, the most “ours” in percentage terms. Relentless statistics claims that more than 50 percent of citizens are foreigners. In Torrevieja gorgeous beaches with a total length of about 25 kilometers, as well as monuments of the Middle Ages (locks, bridges, houses), which are under the protection of UNESCO.

Where do Russians live in Spain

Malaga and Marbella

If you want to live in an elite penthouse or a mansion surrounded by magnificent views of white yachts, golf courses, elite shops and in the company of quite wealthy Russians, you should chooseMarbella . You will not encounter the concepts of 'ghetto', 'crime' or 'cheap apartment.' They start from a few hundred thousand.

Where do Russians live in Spain

The ratio of the indigenous population to 'visitors'

We can not make unambiguous conclusions. There is definitely no historical enmity between our states, and tribesmen were not seen in criminal gangs, so prejudice is not exactly threatened.

This means that only concrete examples of cooperation and communication influence relationships. Simply put, if the Spaniard was ruled by a decent, law-abiding and polite 'we', then he will behave appropriately benevolently, which is inherent in them. But you just do not understand if you start to behave as some like in Turkey and Egypt. Impudence and frivolity are not welcome.

Summing up the above, it remains only to rejoice at those who decided to move to permanent residence and happy in a new house and with such interesting neighbors.