Where to relax in Spain

Among the destinations, both world and European tourism, Spain occupies a special place. Just over the past year, about 70 thousand people have been here. But those who decide to travel here for the first time are wondering what opportunities this area offers. There are such famous and sought-after resorts like the Costa Brava, Costa Dorada and others. For connoisseurs of learning interesting information, you can organize sightseeing tours in Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Valencia and other points.

Best options

Arriving here for the first time, you should familiarize yourself with where to rest in Spain, so that there is something to tell you later on after the trip. To do this, consider the best resorts.

Costa Dorada is an ideal option for sharing holidays with children. There are not only beaches with golden sand, but also unusual museums and old temples. For example, kids can have a good time in the “Port Aventura” park, which is already at the same level of service with Disneyland. For adults are open all sorts of entertainment, ranging from fishing and ending with diving and surfing.

Where to relax in Spain

Costa Brava attracts all those who do not just want to soak up the white sand, but also admire the incredibly beautiful landscapes with evergreen vegetation. Among such resorts favorite are Loret de Mar, Tossa de Mar and Blanes. The number of hotels, which are very cheap, is huge. And the large-scale water park annually attracts visitors who travel with small children. For adults there is not only rafting, hiking, but also much more. The big advantage is that there is a possibility of accommodation near Barcelona, ​​where you can go on a tour.

Ibiza - a corner for many young people, where life is in full swing both day and night. This is a variety of shops, bars, restaurants, discos and dance floors just where you can see a popular DJ almost every evening. Also, almost every beach has a windsurfing and diving school for those who want to learn the basics of these sports.

Costa del Sol - since this territory was influenced in its time by Arab culture, the maximum number of surviving sights is located here. And next to them a very large number.

For lovers of excursions and free time, it is recommended to visit the Canary Islands, especially Tenerife. These are diverse exotic plants and colorful beaches, famous points and monuments of historical and architectural heritage. But for the most senior population is better to rest in Mallorca. Naturally, there are expensive and fashionable hotels, but the climate is such that it provides an opportunity to relax in any season of the year.

Where to relax in Spain

Where to stay

Making the trip, you need to take care of the future place of residence. Naturally, often choose a hotel or a hotel, but you can consider more interesting options. Buying a property is an expensive pleasure, for which you will have to pay a round sum of money. But among all the options there is one that is favorable. This is a lease, which can be done through a special service. In this case, you can pick up a home near the sea, the mountains or right near the ocean. But despite where the rented apartments will be located, look at these advantages:

  • the likelihood of selecting the housing in which several people can live simultaneously;
  • the rental price will be fixed and will not change every half day compared to hotels;
  • the opportunity to live with young children and do everything that is closed from prying eyes;
  • the creation and signing of an agreement can be made not for one week or a month, but immediately for one year;
  • self-cooking, which can not be realized in the room;
  • Absence of annoying neighbors behind the wall.

Therefore, if you know that you are not staying here for a couple of days, but for a long period of time, take care of finding appropriate housing.

Where to relax in Spain

Active view

In this country, in addition to the beach pastime, active activities are also offered for numerous tourists, as there is one of the most popular ski resorts throughout Europe. This is due to the fact that the snow ridge under the name of Sierra Nevada stretches completely across the entire territory of Andalusia. It is located in the location of the biosphere reserve, surrounded by a fairly mild Mediterranean climate. The number of sunny days here is very large, and the resort itself - at a distance of 3000 m above sea level.

Here are the most famous ski slopes 'Veleta' and 'Laguna', from which you can watch the magnificent sea coast. For beginner athletes their work is carried out by experienced instructors. In addition to skiing, you can skate, go to restaurants and bars, as well as just to the movies.
Windsurfing is another type of active sport, which is highly developed in the ocean and sea waters. For beginners, the south coast is suitable, and experienced professionals are attracted by the beaches of Vargas and Poso-Isquierdo. But in the Basque Country, the Balearic Islands and the Pyrenees there are luxury bike paths, where you can not only ride a bike, but also walk on foot.

Where to relax in Spain

Excursion program

If you want first of all to get acquainted with the cultural heritage of Spain, then begin it with museums, since here you can count about 1.5 thousand. This country is amazing because it is located in second place after Italy in the world heritage sites. Therefore, it often happens that the entire vacation is not enough to see all the sights.

Barcelona and Madrid belong to the category of the most visited and famous places not only because they just like tourists, but because the maximum number of monuments of historical and cultural importance are concentrated here.

Where to relax in Spain

Among the largest museums, which is annually visited by about 2 million people, Prado, located in Madrid, can be distinguished. He offers to familiarize the work of the Flemish, Italian, Spanish and other masters.

The Sagrada Familia is a true architectural masterpiece located in Barcelona, ​​which was erected by Gaudi and today it is considered the largest long-term protracted in history. Therefore, if you know that in Spain you do not have much time to see the sights, then the choice should be made in his direction.

Wellness program

Regardless of whether a visitor stops in a high mountain or seaside area, it opens the possibility for rehabilitation in special wellness and spa centers. These are in Cantabria, Galicia, in the Basque Country. The latter option is completely surrounded by abundant vegetation between the mountains in the form of a spa under the name Cestona.

Do not forget about the numerous thermal complexes, which in this area a lot. They are located in Barcelona, ​​Loret de Mar, Valencia, Tarragona and of course in Andalusia. The coast of the Atlantic Ocean offers no less.

Where to relax in Spain

In such centers, which use the most innovative technologies, it is proposed to undergo a full cycle of treatment if necessary. For example, here you can enjoy a warm bath filled with wine. It is said that such a procedure contributes to the appearance of a moisturizing and cleansing effect on the skin. No less popular is “chocolate therapy”, which is based on cocoa. This chocolate will help not only relieve stress or even depression, but also improve mood.

Therefore, arriving here, get ready for the fact that you will be met not only by some beaches with warm sea, but also by other equally important territories, on which there is an ideal corner. At the same time, spending your holidays in the off-season, you can significantly save on cash waste, since everything during this period is cheaper than in resort time. And do not forget about finding decent housing, even if you need to leave for a few days, not weeks. Each person will benefit from rented accommodation, as this is the only solution that helps in the implementation of recreation.