Where is the good sea in Spain?

When choosing from a variety of tourist destinations in western Europe, it is always very difficult to resist unforgettable impressions in the resorts of Spain. It doesn’t matter if you are a traveler with experience or are planning your first family trip - these beauties will make you forget about all weekdays and immerse yourself in an unforgettable stream of emotions from the beauty of the sea and sand. In this article we want to tell you where the good sea in Spain.

How to start organizing the choice of direction?

Undoubtedly, any planning is an unequivocal success in obtaining the desired. Before choosing where to relax, you need to ask yourself the question “I would like to ...” after which a lot of answers appear. Here are some of them:

  • lie down on the beach, sunbathe, swim in the depths of the sea;
  • see the beauty of nature - on land and under water;
  • spend time actively;
  • avoid loud places and crowds of tourists;
  • rethink attitudes towards another country, etc.

After the goals have been defined, you should proceed to the selection of methods for their implementation, namely, cooperation with our company - here you will be helped by qualified people to choose a city or province, as well as a list of areas where renting or buying it will bring you maximum benefit leisure time.

Where is the good sea in Spain?

Preference between sea and ocean

The Spanish kingdom consists of 17 autonomous regions, 10 of which have access to the marine resource. Despite this, each of the areas represents a unique set of weather conditions, historical attractions, amusement parks.
If the landmark is “sea-beach-swimsuit”, then let's pay attention to all the advantages and disadvantages of living in two water areas.

The Mediterranean Sea is one of the most popular bathing locations for a million European wanderers, bringing together over twenty states and cultures. It is famous for its rather mild climate - in the winter it is cool and humid, practically there are no severe frosts, temperature variations. But the swimming season begins not only in the summer months, but also captures the late spring and velvet autumn.
Temperature is also considered to be fairly moderate - often above + 20 ° C. His unique underwater corners will surprise even a professional diver.

The Atlantic Ocean attracts tourists with its scale and power, mystery and immensity. If we carry out a comparative characteristic, then in fact, vacation near the ocean will be even softer and more comfortable. It does not matter in what month the idea to visit the oceanic deep will come to you, your secret corner of the kingdom will be open year-round.

Renting or buying property in the northern part of the mainland, proximity to the wild, the absence of a large number of tourists, unique beach panoramas are about the love of the Atlantic.

But also for those who like to combine sunbathing under the sun with the discovery of culinary traditions for themselves - you are welcome to visit the “greatest Spanish autonomies”, which will add only plus to comparison with the Mediterranean Sea.

Where is the good sea in Spain?

Which beach to choose

From golden to black sandy beaches, from pebbly descents to rocky cliffs, the Spanish coast will meet you on the mainland as well as on the archipelagoes. Beach holiday in the kingdom, you can try to share:

  • The territory of the golden sand (Costa Dorada) - the coast, beloved by children and their parents. Due to the fact that the climate in the region is mild and gentle, then the water is warm.
  • The area of ​​the rocky coast (Costa Brava) - the presence of secluded wild and rocky harbors attract as a magnet lovers of very active pastime (diving, windsurfing and others).
  • Sun area (Costa del Sol) - year-round good weather brought this resort area to the “extra” class, which contributes to the presence of a very developed infrastructure (water parks, arboretums, amusement parks, etc.).
  • The black mystery of nature (the island of La Palma) - the coastline beckons with all shades of black color to explore the most unusual places on the planet.

Referring to this caste of travelers, you will ask yourself questions, the answers to which will be solved throughout your life. But there are people who are not fans of grains stuck to their feet, but give away the winner’s cup to the “queen of the beach massage” - pebbles. There are not many sandy beaches on the sandy beaches, but they are, and they are not inferior to travelers in interest. When choosing, please note that not all beaches have infrastructure - changing cabins are located only on the central ones - La Almadrada and Cap Blanc.

Where is the good sea in Spain?

By tradition, you will get to the city for free, just taking care of the individual necessary things (towel, umbrella), so that when renting an apartment or a villa, you don’t need to think about additional costs.

Humid air is the best medicine to restore the soul and body. And this is not an exaggeration. Calm waters, quiet bays, a landscape after a few kilometers of the coast can be replaced by steep cliffs raging power and energy, which hide the mystery of nature. And so more than eight thousand kilometers. But, despite this emotional pleasure, you can swim in different water temperatures. The thermometer shows different indicators at the same time - from +10 to 25 ° C. For example, the island of Hierro is famous for the warmest waters in the entire state and sometimes the temperature difference reaches up to five degrees Celsius. However, here, alas, it does not turn out to soak up the coast - volcanoes and precipices will force you to fall in love with hyperactive rest and spend the whole vacation in exploring the underwater world. Divers consider this island a paradise.

For lovers of turquoise and snow-white, as the bride of the coast, the islands of La Gomera and Tenerife will be a paradise. Here, for door buyers, the doors are open all year round. And the most interesting is that this area is very fond of families with children, and the resort development implies the satisfaction of all desires - shopping, gastronomy, disco, etc. The warm climate is accompanied by pleasant and calm waves, where it is not terrible to spend a whole day with children of different ages.

Also before you are open roads to Barcelona - the queen of warm-water pastime. The architecture, pleasant swimming and the unique culinary capital give reason to reconsider their attitude to municipal beaches.

But if you are not amateurs, when water and air are the same in sensation, and you want to get a “zest”, then we invite you to the refreshing coolness of Tossa de Mar. But here you will also have to wait for your bonuses - quiet harbors, a very small number of noisy discos, the absence of rocky and abrupt entrances to the water. All this becomes a weighty argument in the selection of a range of options for places of children's health or spending free time throughout life.

Where is the good sea in Spain?

What to do at your leisure

Set your own record for visiting various geolocations in any part of coastal Spain: even in the smallest province they value the history of their region. At the same time, no matter where you are rented or purchased housing - the infrastructure between the sights is well developed, so you can safely go.

So, visiting the Costa Dorada, you can feel like a real gourmet of jewels and delights. Your view will not be able to pass by the emerald museum in Cambrils, the Roman amphitheater and the circus in Tarragona, the winery of the Priorat or the Fortuny theater.

If you get to the Costa Brava, then you will certainly win a lottery ticket. The warm sea and many wonders will make the holiday unforgettable not only for you, but for all your members of the seven.

Botanical Garden Pigna Rosa is a tropical oasis, property of the nation, which is located in the vast 50 hectares. More than 7 thousand plants collected in one collection are fragrant and reign in very comfortable climatic conditions.

Where is the good sea in Spain?

For children and their parents will be very interesting to wander into a corner of adventure with dwarves. On the outskirts of Lorre de Mar is located a gnome park of 4 hectares. Even the smallest vacationer will plunge into a fairy tale and will drag their parents there for the whole day: competitions in an improvised golf club, riding on slides, anti-stress pools and much more.

The pearl of any trip to mainland Spain has always been considered a visit to the amusement park Port Aventura (its location is a suburb of Barcelona, ​​namely in Salou). Having gone there once and having a walk in the world travel style, the children will fall in love until the end of their lives in this place. Today it is already a whole complex, which includes: 40 attractions, a water park, golf courses, restaurants, hotels, night clubs and much more that will not make you need anything.

But I would like to pay special attention to water parks - for every taste and color. This kind of entertainment is often located in the most tourist provinces that are washed by the Mediterranean Sea. In 19 water entertainment zones, the price range also varies in direct proportion to their scale.

Water parks are focused on family recreation, and children's water playgrounds will allow you to spend more time with confidence together and in a playful way. On the island of Tenerife is located the largest in terms of area and number of attractions Siam Park - an area loved by more than one million tourists. Leisure here you can pass very, very well: 25 unique rides simultaneously sent on a journey and into the world of their own fantasies. The idea interweaves the past and the present so that even the locals find it difficult to unravel this tangle. And it attracts even more.

Where is the good sea in Spain?

Summing up, I would like to say that the waters of the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean are one of the most fertile reefs for spending time. Each time, choose a new page in the guidebook that will lead to the waves or the right place to invest in real estate for many years, warm sands or rocky cliffs, a lot of impressions or margin for privacy - this is our cherished key to your dreams.