Another reason to live in Marbella is high-class education

Costa del Sol - the southern coast of Spain, which is famous for its numerous elite resort towns with a high standard of living. There is always beautiful weather, mild climatic conditions, pristine nature, highly developed infrastructure and all the conditions for the best rest. Every year, soda comes to crowds of tourists who want to spend an unforgettable holiday in a relaxed atmosphere, attend entertainment events, visit the best entertainment places and dine in restaurants with Michelin stars, where dishes are prepared by world-famous leading chefs. Therefore, it is not surprising that most foreigners prefer to stay here for permanent residence, in particular in the best resort town - Marbella. Due to these reasons, the demand for real estate in the area increases significantly.

Visitors seek to purchase their own luxury villa, a large mansion with a large plot of land, luxury penthouses or townhouses, or cozy comfortable apartments in residential complexes. And then get a residence permit and transport your family. However, there is another advantage due to which housing in Spain is actively sold - for children of all ages there are provided the best conditions for first-class education. In the immediate vicinity of the city of Marbella there are several of the best educational institutions, where every child receives an excellent education, and teachers are qualified teachers, real experts in their field of science.

Another reason to live in Marbella is high-class education


In modern society, it is almost vital for people to learn foreign languages, to get acquainted with the culture of different nations, to learn the mentality of other nationalities in order to gain their own, global thinking and to create an opinion about themselves as being intelligent and educated. And although Russian education is trying to bring to a good level, Spanish schools still stand out for their merits. And the resort town of Marbella, along with several settlements in its surroundings, provides the best conditions for everyone to get quality education. Numerous educational enterprises are set up here, where all personalities are taught, regardless of age or social status. However, the application for admission to the institution is recommended to submit in advance, along with the preparation of all necessary documentation for the acquisition of real estate and relocation.

Most educational institutions in the area are trying with all their might to create educational programs designed to learn two languages. Classes are also conducted in English and Spanish, so that from an early age to instill in the child a diverse mindset. And thanks to the numerous offers with additional lessons, tutoring, teaching books and nannies, and even special programs on television, learning becomes more interesting, more effort is applied, therefore, the result will be much better than expected.

Education in Spain is deservedly considered to be quite high-quality, especially if we consider that here, as in typical American films, children are transported to special institutions by special buses. For foreigners, there are many opportunities for teaching people of any age. There are private and public places of the following types:

  • Kindergartens for kids;
  • Primary schools, where they study from 3 to 11 years;
  • Average for students under eighteen;
  • And the final stage - universities for students.

All local residents go through all the ways of teaching, after which they become full-fledged members of society and really sought-after specialists.

Another reason to live in Marbella is high-class education

Varieties of institutions

All schools in Spain are divided into national and international, they are intended mainly for children from three years of age to adulthood:

  • International, or national, are located throughout the Costa del Sol. Here students learn from Spanish and British programs, here they teach German, French and Chinese according to the personal choice of the child or his parents;
  • British - operate according to English plans, and also provides a traditional, calm, but progressive atmosphere for greater productivity;
  • Spanish - at the beginning children study together, only girls go to high school, boys enter Ecos;
  • German in Elviria officially approved by the German government;
  • Swedish subsidized by the state of Sweden;
  • In Benalmadena stands Norwegian;
  • In Fuengirola - Finnish;
  • Malaga is famous for French educational institutions.

It should also be noted the Montessori system, which is approved by the royal family as the best education plan for the younger generation. It is widely used for the development of the child and improve his mental activity.