Luxury Villas in Marbella

Marbella is not just a settlement in Spain, it is a lifestyle that delays from the first days of being there. If, once having been in this area, you can not say goodbye to it, then you need to buy a villa in Marbella and enjoy a full and beautiful life.

By right, this city is included in the list of beloved resorts of the richest Arab sheikhs, royal families of European descent and just stars of show business, the film industry and sports. Only the elite are resting here, and if you want to become one of these people, go here.

Luxury Villas in Marbella

How to choose a property to buy and rent

This country has a favorable climate, both for recreation and for permanent residence. 

The cost of rent and sale depends on several indicators:

  • year of construction of the building;
  • the presence of elements of furniture and electronics, its novelty;
  • interior decoration (freshness of repair);
  • accessible infrastructure near the building;
  • access to the central heating network, availability of air conditioning, heater, etc .;
  • access to the sea.

Also, everything can depend on the area of ​​the city. Not far from the richest complexes, where only wealthy people rest, prices are much higher from ordinary regions. If you want to buy a house, and it is not particularly important to you where it is located, give preference to the villa that is as far from the sea as possible. The price will be minimal at the most distant points from the coast.

The cost of renting villas has a lot of indicators. For example, the larger the area, the higher, respectively, and the price. This feature also applies to the size of the land area. As a rule, farmsteads with a huge plot have a swimming pool, jacuzzi, garden, golf course and other entertainment facilities, therefore the price for such an element is higher. This is especially true of buildings located on the first line.

The presence of known neighbors also plays a significant role in determining the cost. Here numerous estates belong to eminent artists, athletes, politicians and other stars of show business. And the closer it is to the house of the most famous person, the higher the price. Moreover, the difference can reach tens and hundreds of thousands of dollars.

That is why if you wish to buy or rent an elite mansion, consider all the above recommendations.

Luxury Villas in Marbella

Best beaches

If you decide to rent a villa specifically for the sea spending time and the main criterion for you is the proximity of good beaches, then you should definitely decide at what points it is better to choose it.

First of all, it is worth saying that here practically the entire water strip is favorable for this. The whole coast is covered with white sand. However, not so long ago, more than 2 dozen beaches were equipped at the resort. Several of them are even fenced for greater safety.

East Pomerania, for example, is in demand among family tourists who want to relax with children. As a rule, there is no deep water, which is also suitable for small children. The organizers of these areas in the first step in the service is comfort and safety, which is extremely important for parents. On the east coast there are a lot of cafes and restaurants where you can eat cheap and tasty.

West Pomerania is more expensive. It stretches along the so-called 'Golden Mile'. We can say that this is one of the cleanest beaches. Here you can visit a lot of expensive boutiques. And the acquisition of real estate in this particular district will be more expensive. Puerto Banus is no less in demand. This is another area available for families with children. They are protected from powerful waves by the presence of bays. There are all conditions for a comfortable stay (shower, choice of catering facilities, sun beds and umbrellas).

Luxury Villas in Marbella

Most prestigious districts

If you care about your prestige and want to become the owner of the house in the richest place, then you should figure out which regions are popular among the stars and where such objects are much more expensive.

Experts say that the most sought-after mansions in Marbella are located near golf courses. The greatest interest of the rich is focused on the Golden Mile, which locals call the Milla de Oro. Its main feature is the longest line and the presence of various zones. This territory is located one of the largest country clubs 'La Zabeleta'. It is considered the safest in Europe. There are a lot of similar private clubs along the water.

If you are looking for villas in Marbella near the stellar neighbors, then it is better to give preference to the Costa del Sol. This territory is considered the beloved place of artists from different countries. Experienced specialists, if necessary, will be able to tell where it is better to live and where your favorite star lives.

Also in this area the elite area can be divided into 2 large parts. One of them is a place for active and driving rest, which is usually preferred by young people. But there is a quieter region, for more mature people who prefer to be alone with the sea and without fanfare and parties. Therefore, before you rent a property here, you need to decide for yourself what you want more: endless parties or peace of mind.

Luxury Villas in Marbella

How to rent or buy a home in Marbella?

If you decided to buy a new mansion or planned a vacation in Spain, you should search for an agency that will help you choose the right property.

The sale of elite buildings is carried out by our company, which can offer you a lot of options. We work remotely, so you can choose suitable options for yourself, without coming to Spain and not giving up work.

Using remote services will provide an opportunity not only to save time, but also financial resources for numerous flights. Only after choosing the most suitable options you will need to arrive here in order to live to see the mansions on the market and make a good deal.