Luxury Real Estate Spain - Marbella

Among all the cities in Spain, Marbella, which is a real gem of this coast, deserves attention. Every year a lot of tourists come here not just to relax, and in some cases even bother to buy real estate. And this is not surprising, since almost every wealthy Spaniard wants to acquire his own corner in this elite area. Famous sportsmen, actors and showbiz stars spend their holidays here. - Marbella is represented by villas, mansions, townhouses and facilities belonging to the luxury category. Therefore, before you buy it, you need to consider some of the features that it has.

Luxury Real Estate Spain - Marbella

Price range

Wanting to buy a property, you need to prepare for the fact that the cost of it can not be too low if you want to become the owner of an exclusive home. It will depend on the following factors:

  • direct location of the home. When placed on the Costa del Sol resort or on the Golden Mile, it will be as high as possible;
  • high level of service and proposed level of service;
  • the quality of the erected objects is at a height;
  • good security performance in the region, as it is ensured by the fact that there are many famous personalities living there;
  • the presence of beautiful species and a mild climate, which will significantly affect the price range. For example, the closer and cleaner the beach is, the more money you have to pay for renting or buying a villa, cottage, etc.

If you talk about inexpensive objects, then prices here often start from 180 thousand euros. Most often, they are either on the second line, or do not have any additional services. All the rest of the elite class real estate is much more expensive. For example, you can look at such cottages, the price of which exceeds 3 million euros.

Luxury Real Estate Spain - Marbella

Why is it worth buying a property here?

Despite the fact that earlier this area was a small village of fishermen, now this is a luxury resort, where respectable and wealthy people rest. Given the fact that throughout the country you can look at a huge number of regions in which you can buy housing, Marbella stands out for its features.

  1. The presence of high standards of living. Having a house or apartment in this area, you can definitely assign yourself to the list of successful and already accomplished personalities. The infrastructure itself is also quite rich, as evidenced by the presence of tennis courts, expensive restaurants, swimming pools and other entertainment.
  2. Respectability. The special status of real estate, which can be bought here, is indicated by the presence of a large number of stars and popular people who not only spend their holidays here, but also choose this corner for permanent residence. Here you can see the whole palace of the King of Saudi Arabia and other celebrities. Therefore, respectability can not worry.
  3. Inspiring landscapes and climate favorable to the human body. During the day, you can simply bask in the warm sun and swim in the crystal clear water on the coast, and in the evening this city opens up a phenomenal amount of entertainment for everyone. There are party places and those that will help to get acquainted with the cultural and historical heritage of the country. Not a single person will have time for boredom in this area, since this is a place where everything is friendly, there is beauty and delicious food in the world around.

Luxury Real Estate Spain - Marbella

Golden Mile

For those who wish to acquire or rent a luxury class home, you should choose this glamorous and expensive region. Its length is 4 kilometers and only here are concentrated such types of real estate, the price of which can reach 50 million euros.

Here is concentrated the largest number of expensive and fashionable mansions, cottages, townhouses and hotels, which are considered the most elite not only in Spain, but also in the vicinity of the whole of Europe. All residential complexes located here can be located both on the first coastline and directly in the foothills of the Sierra Blanca. If we consider the areas near the sea, then the most popular ones are:

  • Santa Margarita;
  • Los Verdiales;
  • Casablanca;
  • Las Torres;
  • Santa Petronila and others.

Their peculiarity lies in the fact that all of them are fully protected, so you should not worry about security. Their infrastructure is quite developed, as there are special areas for children, waterfalls, numerous swimming pools, parking and other elements. Among the beaches, Nagueles deserves special attention, since here the longest embankment with golden sand and turquoise water, as well as famous clubs and restaurants, is observed.

Luxury Real Estate Spain - Marbella

For lovers of solitude and silence, the area near Sierra Blanca is suitable. The key advantage here is considered to be a magnificent view of the Mediterranean Sea and the nearby mountains. Here you can find villas that have their own land, individual apartments or houses.

San Pedro de Alcantara

It is part of Marbella, but for a long time it was considered a small seaside town that retained its own charm of Andalusia and the real charm of the province. This is the place in which everyone knows any information about each other, and when they meet, be sure to spread a couple of pleasant words. Here you can not get away from the elegant style, but a little rest from the enchantingly-noisy atmosphere.

Here is not only expensive housing, but also a diverse infrastructure, including nightclubs and restaurants, tennis courts and golf courses, fairs and concerts. The main attraction is the central square, from which there are numerous streets with shops, boutiques and cafes. The beach here is quite long and all sandy, and the number of residential complexes located along the coast is surprising.

Luxury Real Estate Spain - Marbella

Due to the fact that this area is a frequently visited place, the question arises of the need not just to purchase, but at least rent a property. Such a service is possible here. At the same time, you need to prepare for the fact that a long renting of an apartment can be much more profitable than a decorated hotel room for several days.  In this Spanish town you can find everything that will satisfy, both in quality and service, as well as in financial performance.