The Costa del Sol's two best locations are the unique city of Sotogrande and the amazing Marbella

The southern coast of sunny Spain, called the Costa del Sol, is famous for its resort cities and attracts many tourists to the internal climate. According to current statistics, in the territory of the country it is this area that collected the maximum number of investments in real estate, thanks to the guaranteed maximum return and gain. In particular, there are two areas that are deservedly called the most fashionable, status resorts of the highest level. They provide high-quality and truly profitable investments in local housing, as well as annually attract crowds of tourists seeking an exclusive and luxurious holiday. We are talking about Marbella and Sotogrande, which are located at a distance of 27 miles, that is, 44 kilometers.

Accommodation in Sotogrande

Sotogrande is a magnificent resort city with beautiful landscapes, which offers many different properties, often the most elite - luxury. Anyone wishing to purchase such dwellings are offered:

  • In the area of ​​the marina, there are more luxury apartments and penthouses with windows overlooking the clean beaches, the river Guadaro and a nature reserve;
  • Near the wooded hills are stunning villas, which are built in high-class classical and modern architectural styles, and are surrounded by private areas of a fairly large area;
  • Golf lovers are offered a unique structure, located near the four championship-level golf courses, with views of the game and the seashore. Due to the comfortable and refined atmosphere, this place has become the choice of one of the famous golf clubs;
  • Residential area in the seaside area is filled with excellent buildings surrounded by attractive landscapes, with a pleasant breeze in the air. As well as numerous townhouses and sites intended for construction.

The Costa del Sol's two best locations are the unique city of Sotogrande and the amazing Marbella

Here there is an improvement and development of infrastructure, the famous Gibraltar Airport is expanding, and the location of the city contributes to numerous meetings of sports clubs and players. Such popularity has a positive effect on the growth of demand and the demand for local houses for profitable investment deposits, as well as acquisitions for the purpose of permanent residence.

Marbella is an amazing region

Marbella real estate is no less popular, because it is a resort town full of chic and glamor, endless noise and fun, a relaxing holiday, famous and wealthy neighbors, as well as luxury real estate objects. The local market is filled with luxurious representatives of buildings, ranging from luxury studio apartments in residential complexes to large mansions with huge courtyards.

Marbella, in turn, consists of several regions, each of which has its own masterpieces of built buildings:

  • In Sierra Blanca, luxurious classic villas;
  • Los Monteros is famous for the most innovative contemporary décor in the style of “contemporary”;
  • In the Golden World, on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea - elegant apartments;
  • Stylish urban penthouses in Puerto Banus;
  • Family apartments and townhouses in protected complexes;
  • Private estates and country clubs of La Zagaleta and estates on considerable tracts of land.

There are also some of the most prestigious regions here, which have become famous not only for luxurious living objects, breathtaking landscapes from the window, views of the Mediterranean coast and even African shores, Andalusian mountain systems and high-quality golf courses. They also offer for all residents and visitors the best conditions for permanent or temporary residence, luxury utilities and high-class attendants. All houses are protected by the highest word of modern technology, equipped with high-tech security systems, high-quality alarms and are located in protected areas. Here are the best opportunities for technical communications, numerous places of entertainment, entertaining urban events. And local restaurants are famous for delicious cuisine and world-famous chefs.

The Costa del Sol's two best locations are the unique city of Sotogrande and the amazing Marbella

Recently in Spain, golf is becoming more popular. A calm and measured pastime has a positive effect on health, especially in combination with a mild climate and fresh air, thanks to the preserved untouched nature. Therefore, housing located near golf courses and clubs is very popular among people who are tired of city life.