Sights of Málaga and surroundings

Malaga is a miniature town located in the southern part of Spain, which conquers the hearts of many people with its unique cultural heritage. This is not only the area that pleases peace and quiet, but on the other hand offers a lot of entertainment, and the sights of Malaga and the surrounding area make you remember them again and again. Despite the fact that there are not so many of them, as it seems, even every town located nearby is a work of art that requires attention. But now we will consider what treasures it opens up to its own tourists.

Architectural component

In the old town under the name of Ronda is located the largest number of monuments. This is due to the fact that it is one of the oldest on the territory of all of Spain and is divided into the New and Old Town with the help of a special gorge. They are connected to each other thanks to the bridge, which offers an unforgettable view of the surroundings. This zone will give everyone the opportunity to plunge into the so-called atmosphere of antiquity and some mysterious secrets. All original elements located here are not only specious, but also very old. Therefore it is worth considering every detail.

Sights of Málaga and surroundings


Although this list is wide and diverse, La Catedral, which is one of the most beautiful, memorable and famous buildings, deserves attention. In all of Andalusia, this cathedral is one of the most unforgettable jewels of the Renaissance. Due to the fact that all the buildings here are low, it stands out clearly against their background, and from any zone you can even see its tower.
In La Catedral you can count only one dome. From the data it is known that the construction of the second simply did not have enough money. Therefore, the local people refer to him as La Manquita, which means “one-pen”. In its internal space is a museum.


Making acquaintance with such areas, you can see that most of them are located very close to each other. This is confirmed by the location of structures such as Alcazaba and Gibralfaro. The first of them is more interesting to visit, as it is better preserved. From the other one, you can only see the defensive walls, towers and gates, which are in a practically collapsed state. However, it is still necessary to visit her, since it is from here that the most magnificent view of the warm Spanish town opens. These fortresses carry some important value, since the first was built in the eleventh century, and the second a little later - in the 14th century.

Sights of Málaga and surroundings

Roman theater

Near the Alcazaba castle, right at the foot of Gibralfaro, you can meet with the Roman theater, which dates back to the 1st century BC. During this period, this territory had to be part of the province of Rome. For some time the theater was used precisely for its intended purpose. Later he was turned into a quarry, as he had to feel the pressure from the Muslims. Such actions led him to the process of devastation, but despite this, he retained some of his constituent pieces in its original appearance. Here you can see the round area on which the performances took place and the places intended for the audience.

Street marcos de larios

If we consider the old town, we should not forget about this elite and densely populated street. Its length is not too large, but despite this, there are a huge number of boutiques and shops, street performers, entertaining not only tourists but also local residents. Here you can see one of the most beautiful and great winter compositions, but this is observed only on the eve of the New Year holidays.

Sights of Málaga and surroundings

Constitution Square

Sights this city offers us the most diverse, but one of the key in the historic center is the Plaza de la Constitución. This is the most visited square, serving as the real heart of the old quarter.
In the period of all sorts of New Year's holidays, you can observe a Christmas tree, as well as mass events, entertainment, etc. are organized for its residents and visiting tourists in this area. But the real decoration of this square is rightly considered the fountain of Genoa, made in the Renaissance, and attributed to the distant 16th century.

Church of the Sacred Heart and the Episcopal Palace

Considering the sights, it is important to look at the church, located on a small square under the name of Plaza de San Ignacio. This is a beautiful and bright Catholic church, creating a feeling of old age, although it was erected about 100 years ago in the recent 1920s. It was built at the request of the Jesuit Order in an amazing neo-gothic style.

Among the objects that belong to the cultural heritage of the country, the Episcopal Palace stands out. This is the best and most striking example of the so-called civil architecture. The exterior design itself was created in the baroque style, but in the inner part of the establishment there is a real museum of sacred arts.

Sights of Málaga and surroundings

Gardens and the famous City Hall

Among the category of the most beautiful and attractive buildings visually, the City Hall occupies a special place, combining elements of Neo-Baroque and Art Nouveau styles of the 20th century. Now here is the city hall. Directly near the building you can see the gardens of Pedro Luis Alonso, which have many alleys for daily walks, ornamental shrubs, as well as citrus. Every year in the town hall one can observe Belen - a real Christmas composition, which each time surprises an increasing number of tourists. Nowadays, this building, together with the gardens, belongs to historically significant monuments.

Central Park

In the heart is one of the largest parks in all of Europe, the opening of which dates from 1896. This is not only a favorite place of the local population, but also all visitors who come here to relax and enjoy the picturesque surroundings. His - is 30 thousand m2, where numerous alleys stretch along sculptures, fountains, miniature flower beds and other beautiful places. All these elements together form a unique picture.

Sights of Málaga and surroundings

Botanical Garden

In this town, the sights of which you can get around for 2 days, there is the opportunity to enjoy the indescribable beauty of the botanical garden under the name Jardín Botánico La Concepción, which by its age reached 150 years. Despite the fact that its size is small, it surprises with its variety of specimens growing here, especially in the flourishing season. There are numerous aquatic plants and palm trees, rubber plants, conifers and even vineyards. Its peculiarity lies in the fact that it is located directly in the central part of the city, which is very convenient for those tourists who came here for the first time.

Despite the fact that, coming here, there is an opportunity to get acquainted with many interesting places, yet Malaga is quite a noisy entertainment center. Therefore, among investors in housing, it is in special demand. For lovers of not only exploring the cultural and historical heritage of the country, but also a beach holiday, it will be much cheaper to rent real estate here than to rent a hotel room. In this case, long-term lease may be much cheaper than for a few days. Staying in this region, first of all you need to develop an individual itinerary of excursions, without worrying about finding housing. It offers not only comfortable living conditions, but also the most profitable and affordable price.