Sights of Andalusia: what to watch

Spain is a sunny, bright and very picturesque country, which constantly attracts an increasing number of tourists. It is filled with gorgeous landscapes and the beauty of pristine nature, preserved intact. There are many clean beaches and azure blue sea water, fresh, slightly cool air, which helps to transfer the heat and warm sunshine eleven months a year.

In particular, the south coast is famous for its resorts and leisure facilities - the Costa del Sol and the autonomous community of Andalusia. Only here travelers will be able to get acquainted with atypical Spain, to know its real, walking along the cozy streets. For many, this raises the question of exactly where to go to get acquainted with the story. After all, on this rather big territory there are many attractive resort towns and each has its own characteristics.

Sights of Andalusia: what to watch

It is necessary to allocate several towns, which necessarily should go. It was there that collected the many sights of Andalusia, what to see in these areas: mountains or cultural monuments, visit galleries or viewing platforms, go to the beach or just walk - this is everyone’s personal choice. Fortunately, there are quite a few options to visit. Here you can relax in the baths of different types, drink a delicious Spanish wine drink from local vineyards and even watch the progress of the bullfight. This is a traditional event that remained legal here, unlike most regions.


Thinking about where to start a trip to the Spanish state, it is certainly recommended to visit Malaga. This is the central part of the province of the same name, a port settlement with the richest historical heritage that will definitely surprise everyone. Nearby is the famous Strait of Gibraltar, from the flow of which the waters become quite cool. But thanks to the fresh breath of the breeze and the hot scorching sun, an excellent microclimate is created with suitable conditions for living and relaxing.

Sights of Andalusia: what to watch

This resort city is distinguished by a multitude of cultural and architectural monuments, historical landmarks and scenic areas that you should definitely visit:

  • Malagsky Cathedral of the Holy Incarnation - was erected on a destroyed ancient mosque in the fifteenth century. It is considered the hallmark of this resort city and the pride of the local inhabitants. It has an interesting feature: the construction of two towers was originally planned, but due to lack of funds only one was built. Therefore, the people called him La Manquita - the one-armed lady. The temple has its own small green garden and an orange courtyard, there is also a tourist museum inside;
  • The Pablo Picasso Gallery Gallery is located in the majestic castle of Buenavista, which was the royal residence. There is a large collection of works by the famous artist: more than 200 sculptures, paintings and pottery. It is curious that most of the exhibits were presented to the museum by relatives of the creator, and the greatest value is a portrait of his first wife, a Russian ballet dancer. Visitors are offered an audio guide telling the most interesting facts about the items on display;
  • The Arab fortress of Gibralfaro, connected to the ancient Malaga Alcazaba - a huge citadel with a monumental fortress-wall, which in ancient times served as a defense against the attack of enemies. Now there are guided tours for tourists, during which explains the history of these lands on the same hill. And also offers a stunning view;
  • Botanical Garden La Concepcion - is considered one of the most beautiful in Europe. Located on the outskirts of the city and it is easy to find a way to it - the path is painted in a delicate green tint. Its entrance is preserved in its historic part, created by a French gardener in the English style, who was invited for these purposes by the family who lived in the estate of the same name;
  • The Roman Amphitheater - located at the foot of the mountain, built back in the 1st century BC, by the order of the Emperor Octavian Augustus, who during the reign of Muslims turned into a quarry. It is considered the most popular tourist center, and now concerts are periodically organized here.

Sights of Andalusia: what to watch

In local catering establishments are invited to try grilled anchovies and sardines. Only here they are prepared with a special recipe and incredibly tasty. Also in cafes and restaurants served delicious coffee, which the Spaniards prefer to drink with alcohol, and sweet dessert wines.


One of the most beautiful resort cities in the whole of Europe, formed alongside the attractive mountain systems of the Sierra Nevada. Most traveling tourists come here to see the famous example of the architecture of the Moors - the Alhambra. However, this remarkable details and objects do not end there, and this region is still able to hit visitors:

  • The main noteworthy place is the Alhambra. This is the former residence of the Muslim rulers who once lived on these lands. This is a huge palace, a real architectural and park ensemble, which is located on a hilly terrace. This complex includes residential houses and baths, gardens and storage facilities;
  • The Cathedral, built on a mosque. Its peculiarity lies in the nearby chapel, where the remains of Isabella of Castile and Ferdinand of Aragon, who conquered Granada from the Moors, are preserved. It is also proposed to use the audio guide to learn more about the most interesting details;
  • Albaisin - a residential area, which is definitely worth a stroll. Layout and style inherited from the Muslim period of medieval Spain. Not much has changed since those events, only more shops and cozy cafes have been added;
  • Monasterio de San Jeronimo - erected by Spanish builders after Granada returned to the country. A distinctive feature is the altar, which is decorated with embossed images;
  • Mirador De San Nicolas observation platform - made famous by the fact that it opens landscapes at a height of bird flight. Experienced travelers especially recommend coming here after sunset to take beautiful photos and enjoy the sight with a glass of delicious sangria.

This village is also known for herbal teas with Moroccan spices, which give the drink a special taste and aroma.

Sights of Andalusia: what to watch


The city, which hovered over the precipice, is filled with an incredibly rich history, but it became known for the small village Haskar, which was chosen for the filming of a movie about funny characters - the Smurfs. For the authenticity of the house, the church town hall and even gravestones were painted blue. Upon completion of the shooting, the team, of course, planned to return the objects to their former appearance, but local residents were against it, because this image is rapidly attracting tourist groups.

It is worth visiting the following places:

  • The Taho Chasm, 160 meters deep, separating a settlement into two halves. Through it in the 18th century, the New Bridge was laid, which leads to the symbol of Ronda - the old town;
  • Palacio De Mondragon Palace - the most Moorish of the local monuments. Additionally, there is a museum, as well as picturesque courtyards with greenery;
  • Royal house, built on the ruins of a destroyed Muslim castle. An exceptional feature is the La Mina mine, carved into the rock to a hundred-meter depth. There are exactly 365 steps to it, a kind of reference to the number of days per year. At the end, the person sees the river gorge, from where an interesting view of the resort city opens up from below;
  • Bullring - the largest and oldest, supplemented by museum exhibitions on the subject of fighting a man with a bull, as well as weapons.

The restaurants serve excellent goat cheese with wine. Getting to Ronda to see the sights is easy enough - public transport passes from the neighboring area.

Sights of Andalusia: what to watch


The southernmost point in Europe. Here for visitors there are created conditions for surfing or windsurfing, therefore world sport competitions are held annually. These neighborhoods are famous for their views of the African shores and the Strait of Gibraltar, where they conduct tours for travelers. Sometimes you manage to see whales or dolphins with your own eyes.

Sights of Andalusia: what to watch

As for interesting places, you should visit these:

  • The old town with the ruins of the fortress wall and gate, inside which there is a whole maze of photogenic streets, from where one can see the mountains
  • The island of Las Palomas, which connects to the mainland with a fairly narrow dam. On the one hand - the Mediterranean Sea, and on the other side the Atlantic Ocean. Unfortunately, this will have to be admired from afar, since this military zone is closed to the public;
  • Church of Mateo - represents a unique architectural mix of Gothic and neoclassical, as well as Renaissance style;
  • Castilio de Guzman el Bueno - an excellent structure from the Middle Ages, which is perfectly preserved to our time, and opens up an overview of the landscapes of the Morocco and the Atlas Mountains;
  • The ruins of Baelo Claudia - a piece of Rome in the village of Bolonia, where in the summer season they often hold live shows and performances.

Here they cook amazing fish dishes and seafood products, which are extracted in the waters of the Atlantic or Mediterranean.

Sights of Andalusia: what to watch

The Andalusian community can pleasantly surprise everyone who decides to visit it. Filled with really amazing places, rich heritage and culture. All this must be seen with my own eyes.