The coast of Spain

Arrange a chic vacation in a colorful country, enjoy walking, tasting wine, delicious paella and manchego. More and more travelers are attracted, namely the coast of Spain, where there is everything for a comfortable pastime.

The coastal zone of the Iberian Peninsula is divided into:

  • central;
  • northern;
  • south.

Let's review the most popular.

Costa Brava

In the north of the Mediterranean, 60 km. from Barcelona to the border with France. In the literal translation - a wild, brave shore. This is one of the more picturesque places. Mountain slopes descend to the sea, the coastline is divided by cliffs into small and comfortable harbors.

Lloret de Mar is a pearl, couples with children, big companies, youth spend their vacations here. It attracts clean air and the coast, which is awarded the Blue Flag mark, a length of one and a half kilometers . The most colorful and beautiful is Boadella . Santa Cristina is suitable for kids. The city is divided into 2 parts and 2 bays. One is noisy, young people have fun here at parties. Another differs more measured calm atmosphere.

The coast of Spain

What to see:

  • Gardens of Saint Clotilde, built in the Renaissance style, castle of Sant Joan.
  • g. Firgas. The house-museum of the great Salvador Dali, an impressionist. You will receive true aesthetic pleasure from visiting and acquaintance with creativity.
  • Blanes, a well-known resort, has evolved over the past decades into a major tourist location with a quiet and cozy atmosphere. Here is an amazing botanical garden with many exotic plants.
  • In Tossa de Mar there is a large beach that borders the cliffs, where deep grottoes from the cliffs and secluded quiet coves have formed. You can see the ancient fortress Vila Vella in the old district.

Climatic conditions allow starting the season in May and ending in October. Precipitation occurs often, so there is such an abundance of lush greenery. But at the same time, the weather is very mild and comfortable. In winter, snow falls. It is better to come in the period the end of spring - the beginning of autumn. Temperature during the day, June + 20 ° С, August + 28 ° С, September + 21 ° С. The sea is warmer in summer to + 23 ° С.

Costa Dorada , is located in the southeast, there are a lot of towns for every taste:

  • Salou:
  • Tarragona;
  • La Pineda;
  • Cambrils and stuff.

There is an opportunity to plunge into the Balearic Sea. The mild climate, where in the summer the thermometer reaches 32 ° C, water + 23 ° C, is not windy, as the mountains of Catalonia carefully protect against wind gusts.

A good solution for family vacations and youth movement. The gentle sun, the sea, almost all year round. At your service golf courses, surfing, diving, everyone will find interesting entertainment for themselves. A true Mecca for lovers of sailing and other active sports.

The coast of Spain

Salou is located very close to Barcelona. The length of the coastline is 7000 meters, each of which has a well-deserved mark, that is, it complies with environmental standards, cleanliness and functionality. Here you can see the light music show right on the seashore, in the Promenade Park . There is a developed infrastructure for tourists and local residents, with numerous restaurants, bars, entertainment venues, as well as shops and social facilities.

Walking with the kids here is a pleasure, because it is not in vain that Salou is marked with the sign “Family Tourism.” At your disposal are clubs, playgrounds of various orientations.

Tarragona is a cozy town with golden sand, delicious national cuisine and rich in architectural and historical monuments that have been listed by UNESCO.

Best locations for sunbathing:

  • Dels Capellans.
  • L’arrabassada.
  • Nudist Fonda and De Roca Plana.

Festivals, fairs, noisy traditional holidays are held here. If you are lucky enough to visit one of them, feel unforgettable emotions.

Take a bird's eye view of the entire riviera from the “Mediterranean Balcony”, a beautiful panorama of the landscape and a Roman ancient amphitheater from here.

The coast of Spain

Go to the Cathedral, Poblet Monastery, Canals Mansion, and go to the bridge, as it is called the devil - the aqueduct Les Ferreres < em>.

Visit the famous Port Aventura theme park, which will appeal to adults and children alike. Here age is lost, you find yourself in Disneyland, with a variety of attractions, theme zones and scenery - Polynesia, China, Mexico, Wild West, the Mediterranean. You instantly find yourself in the fantastic edges of shows, performances and fireworks. Dishes from different continents of the world can be tasted in institutions with national cuisine. There is a water park on site.

Costa Del Sol

Not far from the Strait of Gibraltar, in the south-west of the country, popular resorts are located, they come here for the warm hospitality of local residents, you feel at home here, because a lot of our compatriots have acquired housing here. And not surprisingly, reasonable real estate prices, atmosphere, clean air, make living truly paradise.

Malaga is the capital of Andalusia, it was once chosen by Yesenin and Catherine II , spent their leisure time here with a glass of the famous wine “Malaga” with a touch of prune, snacking its jamon. In addition to sea vacations, we recommend taking a walk along the streets, looking into one of the taverns, and visiting:

  • Roman Theater.
  • Castle of Arab heritage of the 11th century Alcazaba.
  • Pablo Picasso Museum.
  • Malagian M useo la musica.

Marbella is a chic luxury resort with restaurant bars, world-class fashion stores, clean beaches - San Pedro de Alcantara, Carihuela and others.

The coast of Spain

In the center, take a walk along the narrow streets, go to the famous “Orange Square”, have coffee in a local cafe and enjoy the atmosphere. Enjoy real paella and gazpacho soup on one of the terraces.

In the park areas, take a break from the bustle, walking with children along the shady alleys. Everything is arranged so conveniently and functionally here, your child will enjoy playing in the playgrounds.

Benalmadena is washed by the Mediterranean Sea, a very well-groomed riviera. Here there are entertainment for active tourists, lovers of gliding along the waves and novice surfers. There are ancient buildings that tell about historical events:

  • The ruins of Benalmadena, which preserve the memory of the Roman presence.
  • Observation towers of the 15th century Torre Bermeja, Cuebrada, Muell. In the distant past, they were security points from raids from the sea.
  • Rock paintings in the rocks of Las Zorreras, Los Bojitos, El Toro.

The coast of Spain


  • City Hall.
  • Church of Hermite de Santiago.
  • The ancient temple of Nuestra Señora de la Encarnación.
  • Puerto Banús harbor with expensive yachts, restaurants and souvenir shops. Here billionaires from all over the planet like to relax. Come into a fashion boutique, please yourself with a purchase, if possible, take a boat trip.
  • Mosque of Mezquita del Rey Abdul Aziz al Saud of the 15th century.
  • Parques Constitución y Alameda.
  • The ruins of the Murish fortress.

The season begins in June and until September. The hottest in the middle of summer is up to +31 degrees. At night below 20 ° C. The water is colder due to the Atlantic current, approximately 20-24 ° C. Winter is warm, especially for Russians + 17-21 ° С.

The coast of Spain

The north of Galicia, the western point of the Pyrenees, where the cool Atlantic Ocean rages, a completely different nature, colors than in the south or southeast. Nevertheless, travelers find something to do in these parts.

The pleasure of sunbathing, swimming in the ocean, can be obtained on one of the colorful las playas riviera Rias Altas. Playa Llagoster, considered the best because of the white sand. Wild 'Playa de Rostro' is located among the picturesque hills.

In this area, huge waves almost always rage, so if you are not a surfer, you need to be careful when swimming.

Temperature drops are rare, the climate is mild, there are no frosts. In winter, gusty strong winds and heavy rainfall are observed. In June and August it is dry and warm, about +27 degrees.

What to see.

  • Santiago.

The Temple of Santiago de Compostela is the final point for the pilgrims and the finish of the big Camino, to the grave of St. Apostle Jacob. Gothic temple, where, according to legend, a person receives the so-called indulgence - absolution. But only, you need to overcome a long distance.

  • Cape Finisterre , once believed that the land ends here. Indeed, in translation from Latin - this is the end of the earth. A pillar with the inscription “zero kilometer” is symbolically installed. They say when the sun sets here, it causes indescribable sensations and emotions, it is so beautiful and atmospheric to watch the sunset go away into the endless expanses of the ocean.
  • Nearby is the border with Portugal, if the weather is clear, you can see the Portuguese mountain slopes.
  • С astillo San Carlos of the 18th century. A symbol of the protection of the city from raids invaders. There is also the Maritime Museum.

You should come here for the sake of unique energy, nature, get a boost of vigor and feel the relaxation from the noisy bustle of megalopolises.

The White Beach, so literally Spanish translates the sunny area of ​​Costa Blanca, where the tourist is warm and comfortable all year round with any requests. This is one of the main tourist locations for families, youth and the elderly. The coastline is two hundred kilometers of luxurious white beaches. High level of service, luxury hotels, golf clubs in a mix with colorful villages and their original culture.

The coast of Spain

It's better to come in July, then you will get to one of the many colorful holidays and festivals.

Alicante is a central place, formerly a village with a commercial port. Now it is a variety of restaurants, bars, parks that stretch along the promenade.

In the old part, in the historical center, walk along the streets with the Moorish heritage of Santa Cruz, in the lowlands at the foot of the slopes of the Benatankil mountains. Castillo Santa Barbara - a monument of architecture.

g. Benidorm is interesting, popular for travelers. It is divided into two districts - the old one, where you can see the cultural and historical heritage of the 17-19 centuries, ancient buildings: the village of the ancient inhabitants of Iberia Tossal de Cala, the church of St. Jaime, the ruins of the tower of the 16th century, from where wonderful landscapes open.

And in the new part, the mixing of the business center with fashion boutiques, restaurants, supermarkets, nightlife. Climb to the observation deck, the tallest building in the country of Gran Bali, inspect everything from a height of two hundred meters.

Features of the north of the Costa Blanca:

  • Exotic nature, picturesque landscapes.
  • Theme amusement parks, water parks - Aqua Natura , Safari Aitana , Terra Mitica and others.
  • Numerous medieval palaces, cathedrals, as well as art galleries and museums.
  • In the city of Denia there is an important seaport with the Balearic Islands.
  • Supporters of a calm and peaceful pastime, prefer to stay in these parts.

There are many more places in Spain that you have to learn. Many people buy property in the southern region and spend the whole season here. Someone rents housing in his absence, makes a profit. In any case, buying an apartment is a profitable investment.

The coast of Spain

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