Cheap holidays in Spain

Surely every travel enthusiast knows that often independent trips to European countries can often be much cheaper than going on a prepared tour from travel agencies. Of course, at the same time, it’s important to competently think about vacation and pre-determine useful tips that will help you fully get acquainted with the country, while not ruining it. Next, we will analyze a few points that will help to organize a good and inexpensive vacation in Spain.

How to get there

The first thing that is important to think about is how to get to the required region more economically. There are several ways, each of which has its own characteristics. Some prefer to contact the appropriate agencies that fully organize the trip with different vehicles. If we talk about independent travel, then at first it comes to mind to go behind the wheel of your own car. However, it will not be easy, since the journey will take a very long time, you will have to spend a lot of money on gasoline and other small expenses.

But the most profitable and affordable flight always remains. And even here you can do more economically - it is worth considering flights with transfers in other European cities and capitals as an alternative to the direct route. At the same time, if you choose an intermediate stop, it will be cheaper, in addition, there will be an excellent opportunity to explore one of the most beautiful and famous cities in Europe, such as Amsterdam, Munich, Brussels or Paris. Yes, it will be much longer, but not every day it turns out to walk along the streets of the most romantic town.

If at the same time it is planned to fly not to the mainland, but to the islands, then it is better to get to Mallorca via Barcelona, ​​and to the Canary Islands - with a transfer in Madrid. And depending on the season, it will be possible to save up to 4-5 thousand.

Cheap holidays in Spain


Next, you need to think about how you will have to get to the place of temporary residence, how to quickly visit all the necessary areas and how to get to the desired resort city. Of the most acceptable methods, not counting intracity public transport, only two can be distinguished:

  • Rail transport - despite the widespread stereotype that traveling by train or train in European countries is expensive, in Spain this passage is recognized as one of the cheapest. At the same time, you can even book a ticket for the necessary staff not even at the station, but on the official website of the railways. If you plan to move a lot, it is recommended to issue a travel card. They allow you to travel unlimited for a certain period.
  • Car - driving a car is always cheaper and easier. At the same time, it is not necessary to take your car for a long time, since there are a huge number of car rental services on the territory that will offer you a choice of a large fleet of vehicles for rent for a certain period. What is noteworthy - gas prices are relatively low, so such trips will be not only comfortable, but also economical. However, it is worth considering that there are two types of roads - paid autopista and free autovia. You should choose those that do not require payment for travel, and although the speed of movement is lower, but you will be able to enjoy the surrounding beauties and stop by on the way to any settlement.

Inside specific towns, there are always buses and trains with which it is easy to get to the right area.

Cheap holidays in Spain


Upon arrival at your destination, you should first think about temporary accommodation. There are also several options for this:

  • hotel or hotel is the first thing a visiting tourist thinks about. In this case, it remains to choose an institution where there will be a decent value for money. Yes, they often offer additional services like breakfast, the presence of bars or cafes, spas and other salons. But it will result in considerable expenses;
  • Hostel - these are mini-hotels where you have to live with neighbors. There are pluses - meeting many interesting people, it’s convenient to stay and save money. By the way, many hostels also offer food;
  • one of the most convenient ways is to rent a room, apartment or house. First of all, the prices are really very favorable, so it’s quite easy to live quite inexpensively. This is also a great chance to find the right region. However, the cost of food needs to be borne.

You can save money if you come to the homeland of bullfighting in the low season, when there will be a small number of lawyers and prices will be reduced.

High season trips can bring some frustration. In hot months in summer, the air temperature, even with the humidity of the coastal regions, reaches 40 degrees Celsius and above, and most entertainment venues close in the afternoon for a siesta. And the crowds of visitors are unlikely to please. At the same time, from November to March it is still warm here, almost without precipitation, with the exception of the northern part of the country, and it is a pleasure to go on excursions under such conditions.

Cheap holidays in Spain


Tapas bars are widely spread throughout the state. Their principle of work is that the client is invited to order one of the drinks, and tapas will be served in addition to it. They are small sandwiches resembling canapes, with a variety of toppings, which are considered traditional Spanish snacks. And it’s not necessary to overpay to have a good time.

Of course, purchases at local supermarkets and self-cooking of lunches, dinners and breakfasts are considered the most economical. And if you wish, you can easily buy fresh and very tasty products, a variety of seafood and freshly caught fish in covered markets. Local residents prefer to shop there.

Cheap holidays in Spain

Attractions, excursions and entertainment

For affordable visits to attractions, amusement parks or numerous entertainment complexes, it is strongly recommended that you book or order entry coupons on-line in advance. The obvious advantage is the ability to avoid long waiting in lines. In addition, some tourist sites offer various discounts when booking online. The Spaniards came up with this as a struggle with numerous lines to the most sought after sites.

In almost all major cities, comprehensive tourist cards are sold, which also allow you to get discounts on visits to museums, cultural events, as well as travel on public buses. The only negative is that their action is limited, unfortunately, in one or two days it will not come out to visit all the desired places.

When you first find yourself in a resort town, you will probably want to visit sightseeing tours and get to know the local history and culture. Moreover, this can be done completely free thanks to hiking - free walking tours. They are organized in almost every capital, and the Spanish was no exception, to take part is enough to know the time and point of meeting with the guide. Of course, they are often held in Spanish or English, but if desired, it will be possible to find in Russian.

Cheap holidays in Spain

One of the traditional entertainments is the famous performance - bullfighting, which cheaper tickets can be purchased for daytime sessions. Also, do not forget about the authentic flamenco dance, which can be seen in local bars. It is enough to order a salad and a drink, and enjoy the colorful show.

And of course, one should not forget about the most popular and popular vacation option on the Mediterranean coast - enjoy the warm sun, listen to the sound of the surf on the cleanest beaches. You will not have to pay for their visit, while they are equipped with all amenities for a comfortable stay. The most important thing is to correctly plan your vacation in order to avoid a headache on the spot.