Puerto Banús

Properties found: 416
Properties found: 416

Puerto Banús is the luxury port of Marbella which hosts a vibrant nightlife as well as the worlds most luxury shops per square kilometer.

A place decorated with celebrities

Property in Puerto BanusReal Estate properties in Puerto Banus, offered by real estate services, are the most popular and elit. Live, built and celebrate lifes in this place chose many famous artists, patrons, actors, musicians and other wealthy people. It is not only the top laires of the society, but also people who value a beautiful life.

'Among the various apartments in Puerto Banus certainly there is a suitable option that will meet all your requirements and become your home.'

Anchor is abandoned .... The most popular place in Puerto Banus is the port. If you you are the owner or the user of the yacht, then a property in Puerto Banus will be a wonderful and profitable solution for you. Your yacht will calmly sway on the waves, and walks will become more frequent and exciting. No one can be indifferent to the atractiveness of that special area.

South Coast of Spain, offers the most exclusive options for real estate. This is not only profitable investment, but also you will find a place to be tied up with forever.