I'm one of SoloMarbella's first clients. It's nice to see professional growth, forming reputation and trust. Since we do not live in Marbella, the guys completely run our apartments, several of which we rent. Everything is always clear and clear, after arriving in 2,5 years, we were sure that we made the right choice. They also met me at the airport, it was nice. Thank you.


SoloMarbella- is a family in Spain. Thank you.


Appealed to the agency SoloMarbella on the recommendation of friends who have already immigrated to Spain for 7 years, agreed to meet when they drove to their office, we were greeted very cordially, they listened immediately to all wishes about what we want to live, immediately began to ask leading questions, in order to clarify what exactly we would like and began to offer options. It was pleasantly surprised that the options were as they say for every taste and purse. The deal also passed easily and very quickly, so I can safely recommend this agency!


We got into this real estate agency after several not very successful attempts to buy apartments in Marbella. Now we have 2 Villas on an individual project, where we were accompanied on all possible issues. It was a long, but very enjoyable process with SoloMarbella.


The daughter went to study as a designer in Spain, it was her cherished dream.) And as you understand, she did not have any desire to return to her homeland, so after the graduation she became interested in buying a home, and my father and I, of course, volunteered to help. Since she managed to find work in Marbella and she wanted to live there, they decided to give up all her energy in search of housing there! It was decided to turn to professional services of a realtor, so we got to know SoloMarbella, serious people with a business approach to the business, immediately arranged us to ourselves, we were able to choose the right option for us, we were very pleased with the cooperation!


After talking in the office, I realized that no matter what your budget, you will be served with care and attention. I doubted whether I wanted to buy a property in Marbella, talking to staff members, was pleasantly surprised at the lack of pressure and the imposition of a "professional" opinion. Now I'm renting a villa, which was found for me in Solo, and with them I am considering different apartment options. I feel tolerance, professionalism and understanding of the situation.

Irina Solodovnikova

Faced the company recently, when buying a house, now I recommend to everyone who might be interested in this topic. The team as a whole is professionals at the highest level. I have lived in Marbella for many years and have an idea of ​​how the purchase of housing should proceed. At no stage did I doubt-directed, prompted, advised. I am very glad.


We can't recommend Solo Marbella more highly for prospective overseas first-time purchasers. Elena supported the entire process from enquiry to completion with exceptional personal service. Nothing proved too much trouble in identifying the perfect proper

We can't recommend Solo Marbella more highly for prospective overseas first-time purchasers. Elena supported the entire process from enquiry to completion with exceptional personal service. Nothing proved too much trouble in identifying the perfect property for us ! A huge thank you Elena, we love our new home in Spain.




Ian S.Dixon Elviria Spain

For the first time, they began to think about the acquisition of their own dwelling in Spain three years ago, decided that in the world of modern technology you can do without any realtors and other agencies and we will be able to choose accommodation ourselves, but as it turned out it was something from the category of waiting - reality ) Therefore, in time to find SoloMarbella, we were able to finally find the perfect accommodation for us! It was very easy to work with our agent, immediately they showed us a proven base, we did not have to spend a lot of time and effort to inspect unnecessary options and for almost 9 months we were happy owners of a penthouse in Benahavis.


Solo- my friends. And friends of my friends. We trust and work for many years.


My family and I made a decision a few years ago that investing the money earned is very good in real estate, especially abroad)). Since my brother has been living in Spain for three years, repeatedly there, we did not hesitate to buy apartments in the Sierra Blanca , we were offered many options, it was really what to choose from. The purchase was quick and easy, the financial component was very good) Thank SoloMarbella for the excellent service!


Thanks to Solo for our lovely Villa!


My husband and I did not expect to find in Marbella such a level of service, more precisely, such a service approach, efficiency and organization.


For several years we have been working with the guys from Solo. The personal approach, care, interest and, uniquely, professionalism is absolutely obvious.


Хочу поблагодарить агентство по недвижимости SOLO MARBELLA S.L. за отличную работу, добросовестнность и  порядочность. Особое спасибо Жанне и Наташе! Они-воплощение идеального агента по недвижимости, который сразу располагает к себе. Без единого слова они работают в выходные, задерживаются поздно вечером. Всегда пунктуальны, внимательны и ответственны!
Работа в агентстве организована таким образом, чтобы  на каждом этапе максимально защитить клиента.Мы работали с несколькими агентствами и они-самые лучшие !!!СПАСИБО БОЛЬШОЕ.

Ольга Зернова Estepona Spain

Жанна, Вы самый лучший специалист по недвижимости, с которыми я встречалась!!! Вы- на своем месте. Спасибо!!!

Наталья Гагарина

Back in 2004, having been in Spain fell in love with her) Since very often steel to fly to relax and become very thoroughly in the last few years to think about buying their own homes, the wife was attracted to eastern part of Marbella. We came to get acquainted with employees of the company, once we were able to win, approach to the client of course wonderful, the whole transaction took about have 7 days, it's a selection of options and now we are the happy owners of apartments with an area of ​​77 m2 for which I would very much like to thank employees of the agency SoloMarbella.

Alexey Zaitsev

Solo Marbella helped us sell our house with minimal effort. Their team was efficient and always there to help!

Silana John