Sierra Blanca

Properties found: 144
Properties found: 144

Everyone who has ever been in Spain can easily say how wonderful the country is, where every day is a holiday. Faforable climatic conditions make staying there doubly enjoyable. A large number of sunny days, in conbination with the warm sea and white beaches, create that special environment where you are happy to reax and enjoy your life.

Real Estate

The type of property in Sierra Blanca is mostly a Villa construction, but you can also find enclosed complexes, as well as penthouses. All houses are equipped with gardens, swimming pools, a place for barbe cue. Most options have panoramic, sea, mountains views. Spectacular and splended properties . In addition to the beauty of Sierra Blanca environment , location itself play the function of protection from winds. Thanks to the mountains, the climate here is favorable in all seasons.

You get a lot of benefits buying property in Sierra Blanca:

  • beautiful nature
  • acceptable prices
  • quiet environment
  • developed infrastructure

Acquisition of the propery in that area is not only prestigious, but exclusive by being located close to the Marbella center, providing an easy acsess to all the amenities. These are strong benefits for those who is looking for a quiet area, placed on a short distance from the city. It is necessary to mention, that Sierra Blanca also has everything you need for a comfortable staying - shopping centers, restaurants and other places of interest.