The resort town of Estepona

On the Spanish coast of the Mediterranean Costa del Sol, the resort town of Estepona is located. It is located in a picturesque place at the foot of the Sierra Beremia mountain. The infrastructure is well developed here, provincial charm and national flavor are combined. The beauty of nature can be compared, perhaps, with the city of Marbella.

One of the most luxurious holiday destinations, not only for a wealthy audience, but also great for young people who like to spend time actively in night clubs and play sports.

The coastline stretches for 40 kilometers, where upscale hotels are located. Even the most demanding tourist will find accommodation to their taste. Recently, it has become very popular to buy property in the area. You can choose apartments with sea views, an apartment near the golf course or a cozy studio. For a large family, a house with a pool or a penthouse is suitable. All that is needed for this is to turn to professionals with extensive experience in this field. The sales company organizes a study tour to make it easier for you to decide. It will help with paperwork and registration with government agencies.

Continuing our acquaintance with the town, we note that it is one of the iconic places of decorative art. Many shops with national souvenirs, art salons, with original products from leather, ceramics, metal. We recommend visiting jewelry boutiques that sell jewelry of Spanish craftsmen.
On Wednesdays in the central square, according to tradition, there is a kind of market fair, where you will find unique gizmos and souvenirs that are suitable as a gift to loved ones.

The resort town of Estepona

How to get there

From the airports of Malaga or Barcelona, ​​by bus or train. You can also hire a car and drive around the beautiful surroundings.
The cost of public transport is from 9 to 16 euros.

Taxi 70-90 euros from Malaga. You can get from Marbella very quickly, because it is 25 km away. You have the opportunity to go for a walk any day.


  • From May to October, the average temperature is not lower than +22 degrees.
  • July - August with moderately hot months up to 28 heat.
  • In winter, it is also warm +25.

The resort town of Estepona

Beach vacation

Pure golden sand, a gentle entry into the water, all this is perfect for families with small children. On the shore there is everything for comfort - changing cabins, cafes, restaurants and water activities.

Lovers of wild beaches will also have a place to roam, in the vicinity there are places for quiet seclusion.

A small drawback is only the cold current, which sometimes dilutes warm water. For several days, the sea becomes colder, and then again returns to its previous state.

There are about 17 beaches in and around the city.

  • The most popular and crowded, 2.5 km long Playa de la Rada, is marked with the “Blue Flag”. Often there are musical concerts and festivals.
  • El Cristo - stretched for 700 meters in a picturesque quiet bay.
  • Playa la Galera - surrounded by cliffs and cliffs, one of the most beautiful beaches.
  • Nudists can visit Playa de Costa Natura
  • Fishing and diving at Playa de Arroyo Vaquero.
  • For surfers - Playa de Guadalmansa.
  • Octopuses are caught in clear waters on the banks of El Padron.

The resort town of Estepona


  • In the center of Estepona are concentrated retail outlets and shops with clothes, shoes, souvenirs and local goodies.
  • Luxury boutiques at your service near Laguna Beach, next to the Kempinski Hotel.
  • Flea markets and flea markets, begin their work at 9 in the morning, on Sunday. A market for local craftsmen, Mercadillo de Artesania, is open from Saturday morning.
  • Fruits, vegetables, seafood and household items are available at El Rastro Market.

Attractions and entertainment

The Roman heritage provides an opportunity to touch history, see iconic buildings and interesting places.

Plaza de la Flores is a favorite place for travelers, once there was a bullfight, but now there are a lot of cafes, terraces with a cozy atmosphere, which are decorated with flowers. Narrow streets diverge from here with beautiful houses decorated with tiles and flowerpots.

The House of Culture - Casa de la Techerinas, an 18th-century building, hosts exhibitions and various events.

The clock tower of the 16th century, 22 meters high, where before that there was a Muslim mosque, then a Christian church was built. Only the bell tower in the classical style and the sundial have survived to our time.

In the old part, Andalusian architecture has been preserved - these are snow-white facades with flower beds on the balconies. Ground floors and sidewalks are decorated with ceramic tiles.

Botanical Garden. Opened its doors in 2015, where visitors can see the incredible beauty of orchids. There are about 1300 species. In addition to them, to your attention, other plants from different parts of the world.

Opening hours are from Tuesday to Sunday, from 10.00 to 14.00, 17.00 - 22.00, Sunday 10:00 - 14:00. Ticket price: for children 1, adults 3 euros.

The resort town of Estepona


  • Museo Arqueológico, unique archaeological finds have been collected here. The real pride among the exhibits is the statue of Venus, which was found near Malaga.
  • In the Museum of Paleontology on Missionaries Square, the remains of marine and mammals are represented.
  • Museum of bullfighting Antonio Ordonez, stuffed bull heads, attributes of matadors and ammunition with outfits are presented.

What to visit in Estepona:

  • Take a ride on the surface of the sea on a rented yacht, explore the surroundings and the picturesque beauty of the Mediterranean.
  • Promenade Paseo Marítimo Pedro Manrique. Walk along the spacious, beautiful alley, which is 3 km long, to the fishing port of Puerto Pesquero.
  • The harbor is located in the port of Deportivo, popular with tourists and local people. There is a tourist information office, restaurants, bars, and at night there are noisy nightlife venues.
  • Themed, unique amusement park Selvo Aventura. Rhino, lions, giraffes, reptiles and birds live here. You see the red-footed tortilla, anaconda, elephants, zebra. Take a walk on the suspension bridge, feel the unity with nature.
  • Golf on one of the Costa del Sol courses.
  • Take a horse ride with the children.

The resort town of Estepona


It’s best to learn the culture of any country best at local events. Immerse yourself in an atmosphere of fun and colorful action. Mostly fiestas take place in winter, people dress up in carnival costumes, the streets are filled with merchants and they organize art festivals here.

  • Day of the Three Kings takes place on January 6th.
  • Night dances in the square in the Old Town, take place in mid-February.
  • Fiesta de San Isidro Labrador - May 15, believers make a trip to the ancient chapel of St. Isidro.
  • San Juan - June 23, a symbolic fiesta, the triumph of the sun over darkness. Bonfires burn here at night, rag dolls are burned and walk until morning, meeting the dawn by the sea.
  • In early June, a fiesta of St. Virgin Carmen is held, she is the patroness of fishermen. Her figure is carried along the coast in festively decorated boats.


Extraordinarily delicious Mediterranean cuisine will satisfy even the most demanding gourmets. Traditional dishes are prepared with seafood and fish. Baked sardines on the grill, stew cod-bakalyao with vegetables, appetizing anchovies fried in a pan.

  • Andalusian cuisine is famous for trout Padron, it is found only in these waters. It is fried in a special way, as a result, a gourmet dish is obtained, comparable to haute cuisine.
  • Rabbit meat stewed in Mologsky wine, turkey, partridges in various marinades, salmorecho sauce - also occupy their place of honor in the restaurant menu.
  • Taste the “Camper”, “Achoblanco” soup puree, in which garlic and minced almonds, olive oil and, if desired, vinegar are added. It is noteworthy that you need to eat it with grapes and melon, as well as the famous 'Gazpacho' and 'Salmoreho' - with tomatoes, bread, butter and garlic. Not infrequently, these first courses are used as sauces for meat and fish.
  • Gourmets Spaniards know a lot about winemaking, be sure to taste a variety of fine wines. The climate and the sun make the gods drink perfect.

Pampering yourself with culinary delights is pleasant on one of the open-air terraces, of which there are a lot.

The resort town of Estepona

Of course, this is not a complete list of what Estepona is famous for. It is better to come one day and feel the genuine hospitality of the Spaniards. See the unique nature, soak up the sun and recharge with positive.

To be able to visit the country at any time of the year, it is reasonable to purchase your own apartments, then you will not go to visit, but to your own house. This solves the issue of rent, increases the comfort and quality of travel.