Property by the sea: the best coasts of Spain

Choosing a property outside the home country, most Russians are looking towards Spain. This is not surprising - friendly locals, developed tourism and quite democratic prices are neighboring with a developed tourist orientation and mild weather, ideal for recreation. Your own home will not only serve you well during your holidays, but it will also pay for itself if you rent it to the same tourists. Therefore, we will consider the most popular and profitable areas where you can buy real estate for both moving and for further renting.

Property by the sea: the best coasts of Spain


This coast takes a special place for several reasons:

  • it is the most developed area in terms of economy;
  • has its own, somewhat different from the Spanish culture;
  • includes more than 500 kilometers of various beaches.

The local population isolates itself from the rest of the country to the point that when you go there you will have to learn Catalan additionally, because it is on it that you have to communicate with local residents, read and fill out official documents. However, it will be much easier to communicate with the population - this coast is very popular among foreigners in general and Russians in particular, so it is impossible to find people who speak Russian or English.

The main advantage is the climate. According to statistics, a year on this coast is about 315 sunny days, which, with an average air temperature of 20 degrees, is perfect for a relaxing stay. Also important role among the advantages is played by the developed road system of Barcelona and its large airport, which, in turn, ensures the influx of tourists and stable earnings.

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The membership includes:

  • Costa Brava;
  • Costa del Garraf;
  • Costa Dorada.

Consider that if you are planning to purchase real estate not for yourself, but for short-term rent, it will be more profitable to buy a one-room apartment instead of a house by the sea. Also a good option will be a spacious studio apartment.

Costa Blanca

First of all, it is famous for its white sand beaches, where every year more than six million tourists aspire. Of the sights worth noting the cultural capital - Benidorm, where, in addition to the developed infrastructure and many facilities for tourists, there is a unique amusement park Terra Mitica. Also worth noting is the Mundomar animal park and the largest aquapark on the coast - Aqualand, attracting many tourists.

Property by the sea: the best coasts of Spain

This region provides a wide range of properties - from small apartments to townhouses on the coast, with a view to the sea. They are equally beneficial for permanent residence, and for delivery to travelers at the expense of cultural monuments in the cities and excellent beaches for recreation.

Costa del Sol

This is an international area, as about 35 percent of the population are foreigners. Among them, there are especially many Irish, English and German people, but recently the Russian-speaking population, and with it the Russian infrastructure, also significantly increases. In this area, British schools predominate, where you can easily send your children to study. On other coasts of the country, such establishments can be found only in large cities and capitals.

The disadvantages can be attributed only slightly more severe, in comparison with other parts, the climate. In summer, the local heat reaches 40-50 degrees, because of which there is an increased risk of overheating and sunstroke, so you need to consider this fact if you are particularly susceptible to similar conditions.